Friday, November 26, 2010

Revelations Tarot-Just In Case 1

I'm doing a big ol' ritual here tomorrow relating to some issues in my past. It's lucky that THIS spread came up, because it's perfect.

1. Actual Situation-Six of Cups
The Six of Cups in this deck represents painful memories from my past, specifically my childhood. These are all bad experiences that need to be resolved.
Heh, how fitting with the childhood abuse...

2. Past-Six of Swords
This card represents a journey and not an easy one. The situation of my birth do correlate with a stressful journey, particularly a spiritual one. This card also represents guilt, which is something to the abuse. The book actually says "There may be a sense of guilt from abandonment or a sense of failure from the damage sustained."For the longest time I DID feel damaged.

3. Future-Ten of Cups
This is the card of happiness in the home environment. My ritual for tomorrow is about creating a safe haven in my bedroom. I like this card, because it's showing my efforts won't be in vain, and will make me happy, at least in this one space, so I can work on dealing with the abuse.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Egyptian Tarot-Card of the Day Variation

This variation is a card of the day, with a foundation card pulled from the bottom of the deck.

1. Ace of Pentacles-The Glory f Ra
This card talks of winning and success. I feel like I did accomplish something and am successful in something very important (I don't want to go into details, but it did have to deal with an abusive situation). Even if it's been hell on everyone that knows, in the end, it was really a good thing.

2. King of Wands-Lord of Fertility
This card represents help received. Again, this relates a lot to the other situation. Here, it's saying that my foundation for not being MORE of a mess with this is the help from my sister with this.

This reading feels really optimistic for a really terrible situation. I'm happy with this, and it feels like, well, things will turn out alright.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Heart of the Faerie Oracle-Single Card Pull

Bright Spark is a card of inspiration and ideas.

In the darkness, there is always one spark of light and it lets you conquest fears or figure things out. My darkness is finally ending and I'm seeing a light at the end of this tunnel. Saturday beings a new day of my life, and this Bright Spark is just growing and growing and helping illuminate things around me. Things I never really knew or understood before.

Seeing this card made me feel strong and ready to take things on.

I feel like an adult again.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Anubis Oracle-Alchemy

Last reading for this book. Tomorrow started the book "The Complete Book of Tarot Spreads", where I'll be using decks besides this one.

This reading is all about your elements.

Card One-Water
This card represents my ally. What's interesting here is that my ally is a solar deity, and the card represents the sun. My patron god, Quetzalcoatl, also is represented by the sun. I've missed Him recently, so I think this is showing that he is still my ally.

Card Two-Earth
Card two represents structure and what I physically need. In the Earth position, I have a card that represents the Earth Altar. The Sphinx comes up a lot for me, being the card of unlocking mysteries. Physically, I have to keep unlocking mysteries. I think getting back on track with daily readings will help.

Card Three-Fire
This card represents transformation. Wadjet represents total purification and spiritual awakening. I think this is saying I need to go on a major cleanse, inside and out. Oh...that'll be fun...

Card Four-Air
This position represents how to find knowledge. Ma'at is the Goddess of Truth. By finding what holds true to me, I will find knowledge.

Card Five-Spirit
The final card represents my spirit's goal. The card here, Nephthys, is the card of the High Priestess. This seems pretty obvious to me and just confirms a lot of what I want in my life.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Anubis Oracle-Sacred Purpose

This spread is intended to help you get back on your life's path. Seeing as I had a major crisis of faith recently and am just getting back to the swing of things in my life, this spread is really fitting.

The first card indicates the overarching theme of my purpose. In this position, Set as the trickster is about bringing the hidden to light and acknowledging it. My purpose is to learn and know everything, I think, as learning brings the hidden to light.

Card two represents my foundation. The card here, the Dove, is the card of innocence. You know how little kids always ask questions? Yeah, I never outgrew that, I just learned when to keep my mouth shut. My foundation is that I have that innocence, that craving for knowledge.

The third card is what I am becoming. Card three is Khepera, the spiral dancer. Khepera teaches us to be more aware of the energies around us, and how to use them for the good. This is saying that I'm going to become someone who can read these subtle energies and harness them. Like, oh I don't know, a Shaman perhaps?

The final card is the card that represents my Sacred self. The Ibis represents the air element. The air element is connected to intellect and communication. I think this primal, sacred self is the self that is willing and able to, well, spread knowledge.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Anubis Oracle-Right Timing and Direction

This spread is interesting to me because you don't read the cards separately, you read the rows.
I inquired to how to keep up my goals for Pagan Pride and start to get my faith bath

Row One-The Star
The Srow signifies what I know and how to integrate it into my life.
The Sphinx card comes up a lot for me, and I think it's helped me realize that I am drawn to being a teacher of this sort of thing. It is the card of the Earth, as is the pyramid card at the start of the row. The Anubis card signifies Shamans. Along with the Sekhmet card, meaning transformation, the two middle cards are very blunt and obvious to me.
This row is reaffirming my beliefs in teaching and Shamanism as key roles to my spiritual life.

Row Two-The Moon
The Moon row reflects where I am now.
The first card here is Osiris, signifying regeneration. This does fit because I'm just getting back to how I was, which I missed. In this row as well is Set, the shadow self. I was very in-tune with the shadow self during my crisis of faith. I felt utterly alone. The final card in the row, Geb and Nut, signify wholeness. As I've begun to do religious work again, I've been feeling whole. Today I did a post about Ostara, and felt great. Khunum is a master craftsman. This card is usually used to mean new beginnings, especially shamanic or religious ones.
This row is staying I'm going in the right direction, and if I keep at it, my faith can only grow.

Row Three-The Sun
The Sun row is showing the future as I continue to grow.
I want to read these ones in order. The first card, Ma'at, symbolizes truth and balance. It also symbolizes radiance. As I continue to grow, I can only get more balanced and radiant in learning, and that sort of joy tends to be infectious. Bast, on the other hand, symbolizes desire. Though this card can have a very explicit sexual meaning, I find it more to be a card of Holy desire. It's the desire to be filled with faith. Khonsu is a Lunar card. The card is said to represent "divine timing", which I do think means I will somehow just be "a natural" at this. The final card, the Dove, is called the "initiate" card. I think this means that once I start to learn and grow, I'll begin to take on initiates and be a teacher. I'm already beginning to plan that out with my career.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Anubis Oracle-Higher Love and Wisdom

As you may or may not be aware of, I had a huge spiritual crisis that I’m just beginning to overcome. It’s serendipitous that the next spread on my to-do list was one that could help with the question on how I need to keep recovering.

My question is: How do I get back on track with my spirituality.

1. Outer expression of Love-The Desert
This is the card of rebirth and it’s represented as a painful process. This is very true, it has been a very painful process to me. I’ve been pushed down to the lowest of the low and I’m just climbing out of it. This makes sense with my spiritual crisis.
2. Hidden expression of Love-The Nile
Aha, water…my own element where I feel most at ease. This card is all about returning to the primal waters of the unknown and developing trust. By opening myself up to this element and to being to trust myself, I think that this crisis can come to a less violent resolution.
3. Outer Expression of the Challenge-Khepera
This card is about handling energies. I think it means I can’t take on too many things at once. I have to drop something. I’ve already done this. I was going to complete the NaNoWriMo, but it’s proved too much with everything else happening.
4. Hidden Expression of the Challenge-Sothis
This is warning me about despairing again. I have to rise to the challenge and tackle it. I think this is saying there may be more challenges ahead, but I must remain calm and faithful.
5. Visible actions I must take-Nekhbet-Mother-Mut
I must embark on a journey to reclaim the true self. That’s what the book says. Pretty straightforward.
6. Hidden actions I must take-Amun-Ra
I must radiate in the world around me. I need to dive in and embody solar energies. I need to stand up for myself, even if I stand alone and preach to no one. I must stay true to the true self and follow my own path.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Anubis Oracle-Tree of Life

1. Set-Shadow
Card one refers to where I’m coming from. Set represents the shadows. This card refers to dispelling negativity. In this regard, Set serves as a scapegoat, taking the blame for past mistakes and darkness and helping overcome them.
2. The Crested Ibis-Air
Position two represents what it will take to be at peace with the transformation. The Air card obviously represents the element of Air. This card is also symbolic of communication. I think this means to be at peace, I need to be able to express my ideas. I’ve already started to do this.
3. The Sphinx-Divine Messenger
Card three represents the motivation. The Sphinx card comes up a lot. It’s about knowing everything, and accessing ancient knowledge.
4. Nekhbet-Mother-Mut-Alchemist
Card four is about my highest potential future. This card is about learning from the elders, activating your sacred path. To me, it seems to be a shamanistic awakening.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Anubis Oracle-Cosmic Influences

1. Thoth-Illumination
This is your cosmic guide. It’s no coincidence I pulled Thoth. Thoth has been one of “my” deities since I learned about Him years ago. He’s been very close to me during hard times, and I enjoy the relationship I have with Him. This signifies that my protector is already a deity I’m close to, and that my “quest” is really all about knowledge.
2. Sothis-Star Consciousness
The position represents your karmic protector, someone who guides you from past life to new life. This card tells me that I am becoming a rising star. From what little I know of my most recent past life, there is no where I can go but up, which I think is what Sothic represents here.
3. Nekhbet-Mother-Mut-Alchemist
This card is the protector of my physical body. Nekhbet-Mother-Mut represents that my spirit guides are looking out for me, providing me with wisdom, and are teaching me, handing down knowledge from Elder to Neophyte.
4. The Dove-Initiate
Card 4 is my soul’s ally. Like with card three, this card is about innocence. When this card is pulled, it related entirely to me, meaning I am the innocent one, I am the initiate, and I must be willing to trust and learn to grow.
5. The Crested Ibis-Air
Another spirit ally. Again with the birds. This card is the sacred element of Air, my second favourite element. It’s also telling me I need to lighten up and not be so serious all the time.
6. Nephthys-The High Priestess
This is my relationship guide. Nephthys tells me to me to watch for symbols, coincidences, and pay attention to my inner knowledge. I think working with my Third Eye would be very important here.
7. Sobek and Horus-Reconciliation of Opposites
This card is a guide to help me discover my sacred purpose. This card indicates conflict, be it inner or outer, will soon be resolved and my new self can evolve from my old self.
8. Ma’at-Truth
This is the proverbial “ah-ha” moment. Pulling Ma’at here is very auspicious because it means I have to pay special attention to this card. Ma’at symbolises balance and finding balance in everything I do.
9. Amun-Ra-Solar Energies
This is the card of inner truth. I am going to state this now though: I’m more of a lunar person than a solar one. This card speaks of embodying solar energies and deities. One of my patron, non-Egyptian Gods is a solar deity. He’s also the deity I’ve worked with the longest. Amun-Ra symbolizes a sacred marriage as well. I’m not 100% sure what that means.
10. Khnum-Master Craftsman
This is the destiny card. Khnum is a ram’s head deity that created life on His potter’s wheel. Khnum helps Shamans become, well, Shamans. He “activates” the spirit, and causes an altered state of mind.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Anubis Oracle-Sacred Relationship

1. Anubis-Surrender
This card describes where I am in the present. When this card is pulled, it is a sign that the shaman qualities within myself are being opened. In this position, it represents the beginning of a shamanic journey, ready to be transformed.

2. Thoth-Illumination
This position signifies who I’m becoming. Thoth is the God of Wisdom and writing (and was one of the first deities I ever worked with. Nice guy.) The card also signifies enlightened communication, which I think may mean my website.

3. The Desert-The Fire Element
This card represents what I need to let go of in order to grow. This card represents that I’m in the process of being reborn, transforming into something else, something new. The card also tells me to “burn up” the negative people and events from my past.

4. Khonsu-Lunar Energies
The fourth card is the vehicle for transformation. This is what will help usher me into my new way of life. This card represents moving forward, even if you have been hesitant. Take risks, do what you feel works. This card is really sticking out to me. I’ve been dealing with some things in the Mesoamerican Recon community, and how much I disagree with them. I feel undervalued because I don’t do what they do, but I still honour and work with Mesoamerican deities.
It’s pretty much a pissing contest now, to be honest.

5. Sekhmet-Transformation
This position represents divine knowledge. Sekhmet is, of course, the lion-headed fierce Goddess who will mess up your shit! Sekhmet is a protector, albeit a violent one. She helps with overcoming situations where you feel you need protection. As you accept Her protection, you will gain the divine knowledge.

Uh, holy crap, am I the only one seeing the Mesoamerican connection! I’ve had some issues with the reconstructivists, though not directly. My fear is that if I start claiming myself as a Mesoamerican Pagan, they are going to troll me. It’s really stifled a lot of work on my part.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Anubis Oracle: Entering the Mystery

1. Nut and Geb-Wholeness
This position signifies the archetype protecting me. Geb and Nut are symbolic of sacred sex, the duality of nature, and the opposite of the sky and earth. The card represents the creation of sacred purposes.

2. The Sphinx-Divine Messenger
This card represents the “cosmic library”, a sense of learning all there is to know, and downloading this information straight from the sphinx. It is the symbol of the earth. This position represents how “deep the rabbit hole goes”, and in this case, it goes directly into the universe: it is everything.

3. Sacred Relationship
This card wants me to keep an open mind about everything. Examine every point of view, and see if I can make the opposites “work together”. The position represents guidance, and I think this means I have to learn to cope with skeptics, which is something I struggle with.

The “cosmic library” I really liked. Everything about that card, even the “Star Child” (read: spechul snoflake) thing caught my attention. I think reading so reflects who I am in regards to my spirituality.

What a great way to re-start daily readings!

Friday, July 2, 2010

UFO Tarot-Planet Messengers

1. Mercury-News-Four of Pentacles
This card says that things are not always as they appear and cold exteriors hide warm interior ones. I don’t know if this relates to me or someone I know. Usually, I’m the one that is cold and calculating.
2. Venus-Love-The Sun
In matters dealing with love (I’m assuming this means self love as well), I should take an innocent approach. Study and reason, and logic, aren’t going to help me understand what I want.
3. Earth-Word-The Fool
This card says that when it comes to work, I need to be able and willing to take risks. Just like with the Venus card, calculation isn’t going to help me.
4. Mars-Conflicts-The Tower
When it comes to conflicts, I have to be able to change people’s minds. This really hit me today: I’ve had a rough day with the online community, so this card is really standing out.
5. Jupiter-Goals-Ace of Pentacles
This card is warning me against excess. I have to be able to understand what I need in terms of goal-setting. If I overachieve, though with the best intentions, unforeseen consequences are a risk.
6. Saturn-Creativity-Five of Swords
In creative matters, I need to be wary of what I’m feeling, particularly if I’m feeling outcast or insignificant. Hex could tell you all about my recent writing project and how, uh, well it’s going, but there is still the smallness. I think I need to be on the watch for that.
7. Uranus-Fears-Six of Pentacles
The Pentacle suit of this deck has aliens that look like the prawns from District 9. Everyone around me knows all about my recent, uh....fascination with that movie.
This card is speaking to me. It’s all about making sure others around you have the same fears and thus, you can become like a group. My biggest fear is that I’m the only one of something and that fear is an incredibly powerful one at times. Like today.
8. Neptune-Desires-Three of Wands
The book says “Passion and tenderness appear to clash only for those who do not know true feelings”. To be blunt, I’m not exactly sure what that even means.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Mayan Tarot-Dealing with Family

1. The Centre-The Star: The Astronomer
The centre card represents who I am. It’s no secret that in a few months I’ll be taking an astrology course, but this card strikes me in another way. It’s pretty. The art work is stunning.
The Star card is a woman who is able to see the future because she is an observer. I’ve often said of myself that I’m an observer. Future predicting? Well, maybe forecasting, but not predicting. I do try though.

2. The East-The Hermit-The Wanderer in the Wild
The east card represents the start of my path.
The hermit cards looks to me like a shaman. As I understand it, becoming a shaman, particularly for a race you don’t belong to, is damn near impossible. Still, I’d like to become something akin to a shaman in my life. I want to be a healer, a teacher, and a religious leader. Perhaps I’m more suited for “Medicine Woman”. I’m already taking the steps towards that.

3. The West-Five of Wands
The west card is the entity that wants to stop me. This seems odd, because this card represents a weary traveler who knows he will be provided for.
In a sense, I can sort of see my aunt as this card. She is often weary. Every Sunday when she is over, we are told stories of how the people at her job are morons (posts, as she calls them), but she has a cushy salary and pension. She always tells me to forget all this nonsense and go to university.

4. The North-Seven of Wands
The north card is the challenge I must overcome, I think send from the west card. This card says that instinct is the key. I’ve always had good instinct, I just never listened to it. Hex and I came up with a whole theory based on my instinct (Spirit Revulsion Theory, I think it was). I guess no matter what my family throws at me, I have to hold my ground and be assured that the Gods will provide for me. Maybe it means a good blog with income, maybe it means marrying rich (I doubt that one), maybe it means becoming a Pagan lecturer and teacher, maybe it just means having a good Pagan supply shop in town.

5. The South-Death-The God Ahpuch
The south position is where change takes place, from one phase of life to the next. The Death card is perfect in this place, as it reaffirms change. This says that I need to overcome fears to hatch anew. What I think is I have to overcome prejudice. I should be able to tell my extended family that I want to be a Pagan teacher and not have my mother or anyone else try to censer me. If it means severing ties with my family, I have to be prepared to do that.

6. Above-Nine of Swords
The above card is the cosmic gift and support from the Gods, to help me arrive at the eastern position. This card tells me to stop and pay attention to the Gods. Every spell, every ritual, every simple meditation, every tarot reading—everything—will be beneficial in the long run. I will never receive no answer, I just have to be patient.

7. Below-Four of Swords
The below card represents the forces of nature and primal instincts. This card represents solving an “enigma”, as they put it in the book. One of my very basic natures is to be curious. I think this is saying that I need to keep using that to my advantage, as it can only help.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Universal Goddess Tarot: My Universal Goddesses

1. The Dark Goddess: Eight of Pentacles-Nu Gua
The Dark Goddess is not the negative side, but the hidden side. Nu Gua is the Chinese creator Goddess. She is a serpent.
The Eight of Pentacles card symbolizes hard work and attention to detail. I think in this position, it shows that deep down, I can work hard and not slack off. Everyone thinks I’m a huge slacker, but it’s only for things I’m not interested in at all. I’m working hard on a lot of things: School, religion and tarot.
Unfortunately, I can’t tell anyone in my family because, again, I’ll be called a huge slacker.

2. The Light Goddess: Knave of Swords-Diana-
The Light Goddess is the side of you that most people can see or know. Diana is the Roman Goddess of the Hunt, associated with the Greek Artemis.
The Knave of Swords card is the card of observation. This card represents someone who is good at watching people. It’s no secret that my favourite thing to do is watch people. I watch people when I’m out in public. I study the movements of actors who are in-character. I think most of my high school career was learning how to read people, instead of learning math.
This card, however, also is the card of a young person, and thus observations made are often rejected due to the youth of the person.
I know this all too well.

3. The Goddess that rules my heart: Queen of Swords-Tara
The Goddess that rules my heart is the Goddess with whom my emotions connect with. Tara is a Hindu and Buddhist Goddess, associated with the sea. That makes sense in this position, the water element has always connected me to, well, everything.
The Queen of Swords is actually one of my favourite cards. The Queen of Swords is an independent, wise woman. She is a leader, who understands the needs of her people. I guess in a sense, I want to be this Queen. Not, obviously, a real queen. But a leader, particularly for the communities I’m in (Pagan, SBs, holistic care).

4. The Goddess that causes me to act: Nine of Pentacles-Rosmerta
She is the Goddess who directs my path. Rosmerta is a Celtic Goddess of business success. This makes a lot of sense in this part. My ultimate goal for earning a living is owning a business.
The Nine of Pentacles card is the card of maturity. This is a very common theme with me, particularly with issues regarding my future.

5. The Sacrifice: Four of Swords-Chang-O
This card represents what behaviours I need to sacrifice. Chang-O is a Chinese Goddess of the Moon.
The Four of Swords card is a card of retreat. When I saw this, I saw almost, like, being secluded from influences that still get me upset. The Moon Goddess aspect of this is making my emotions heightened, and until I can cope with what’s happened, it’s better for me to seclude myself from painful issues. I almost feel like I should meditate on them alone, rather than draw everyone to me for a pity party.

6. The Response: Two of Cups-Psyche
The final card is the Goddesses response to the sacrifice. Psyche is a love Goddess, from Rome.
The Two of Cups is all about partnerships. I don’t think it’s a romance partnership in this regard, I think, relating to Chang-O, it’s about deciding which partnerships are benefitting me and maturely dealing with the ones that don’t.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Egyptian Tarot-The Pyramid of Self Identity

1. The good and generous side
Queen of Wands; The queen is called the Lady of Science-She forms intense friendships and has everything you want in a queen. This means that I can be a very intense friend, which is my good side, meaning that I’m capable of sacrificing a lot to be with best friends.
2. The dark and egotistical side
Ace of Wands; The Sceptre of Horus-This is the beginning of an intellectual pursuit. I’m not exactly sure how this is a dark side, unless I’ve got some hidden motive subconsciously, but I’m not sure if I do.
3. The Feminine Side
King of Wands; the Lord of Fertility-This card represents inheritance. This is actually really striking a sad nerve. Every time I go to my senile grandmother’s house, all I can feel is death. I know she’s going to die soon, and this waiting game is making it hard on everyone. I don’t want her to die, and especially just for an inheritance, but the feeling is still there. The Feminine side is all about feeling and intuition, which I think is why I drew this card.
4. The Masculine Side
Seven of Cups; The Pillar of Ra-This card is stability, which also fits with the masculine position. I think this is telling me that I have a firm base to begin the next stages of my life.
5. The Proud, Unique Side
Eight of Wands; The Shoot of Papyrus-This is ambition. I’ve had a few more ambitious projects that I’d like to complete in my lifetime: maybe open a new-age style school, become a well-known blog, start helping one of my subcultures gain some recognition and standing. These are all unique facets of my personality, and I’m happy to make them work for my own life.
6. The innocent, Childish Side
Three of Wands; the Flowering Papyrus-This card is a fertility card. Well, fuck. The first thing I thought of when I saw that is that at some point I’ll give birth. What I hope it means is that I give birth to a movement, not a person.
7. The Ordinary Side
Three of Cups: The Papyrus Sceptre-This is, actually a card of ordinary-ness. It’s sort of just being yourself and good things come to you. I like this message.
8. The Responsibly Side
The Fool; Punishment-With a name like “The Fool”, you don’t expect this to be a responsible card. It shows a lack of direction, but the image on this card is also one of breaking someone’s will and thus, their lack of direction. I think that with discipline, responsibility will come.
9. The Self-Denial Side
Strength; Strength-I do often deny that I have some personal strength, and I just ignore it. Being weak is, well, easier. I can stand up for what I believe in through words, but I never can do it in real life. I’m so much better online.
10. The Inner Side, The Balance
Nine of Swords; The Blades of Thoth-Nine is the number of growth and maturation. In this sense, my inner side is working to keep me on a certain line of maturity for certain things. I can still be crazy and have fun, but certain things demand a bit of maturity. This card is that growth into maturity.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Animal’s Divine Tarot: To further develop your self-awareness...

1. The World-Gaia
Self-Awareness. This card represents knowing yourself and connecting to the world around you. I’m reminded of a quote that Hex found: To further develop your self-awareness, surround yourself with metaphorical people.
Oh...I’m surrounded all right.
And, yeah, I’ve really been able to see things in myself due to this, uh, surrounding. It’s been great!

2. Temperance-Xochiquetzal
This card is similar to the Gaia card, but instead of self-awareness, this card means balance. According to Aztec legend, She survived an apocalyptic flood by helping a mortal. Though lots of myths are rife with Gods and Goddesses interacting with mortals, I still see it as an allegory to the power of the deity being there, even if it’s not visual. I feel this every day, and, not that I accept it, I’ve been able to find more balance than I did before. I’m mellow, I’m not obsessive and I’m a lot less angry.

3. Queen of Wands-Nana Buluku
Creativity and female influences. I have a VERY nerdy/Pagany thing with this card. The female influences are me. People who are sensitive to energies can pick up how “girly” I am right away. A lot of people have a good balance of male and female energy, with their gender tending to override. Me? Nah, it’s all female. How does this relate to the other cards?

The metaphorical people I surround myself with are very masculine, considering most of them are male. The same goes for my patron Gods. In an attempt to quell the OHGODFEMALE energies that roll of me, I’m balanced due to the fact that these men are “here”. The first card really speaks volumes about this new stage in my life, and the second is about what it’s done for me. The third card is me, despite it being an African Goddess when I’m as white as they come.

Hex should know what I’m talking about, but I’m still wary to attach names to this yet. People who know me well may be able to understand.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Goddess Tarot-Moving Forward?

1. Three of Swords-The Fates of Scandinavia
This card represents growth, but usually by accessing and remembering pain. Hex will tell you that we had a very intense conversation a few days ago about some past things that have affected me (without naming names, of course). It was hard to go back and read, but I feel good to get all the ideas and feelings out. And solved.

2. Two of Cups-Psyche
The image on the Two of Cups is very romantic. This card represents strong emotional ties. I’m still unsure who this card is representing in my life, because it doesn’t seem like me. The whole thing seems to be about someone else.

3. The Emperor-Athena
The second of my Greeks! I like Athena on the Emperor card. This is the card of achievement. Athena proudly stands, ready to go into battle. Her army is behind Her, ready to fight and die for Her.

For a first time reading using this deck, it’s pretty good. The first card really struck me, and Hex surely knows about. I’m trying to factor in how the other two relate. I think the Two of Cups may represent the other person in, I guess it’s a conflict. The suits in tarot, I find, tell a story, and she is currently in the watery cups, something quite out of her element, as it were. And it bugs me sometimes.
The Emperor, I think, represents me. She is a solitary figure, save for an animal (owl in this case) and a hoard of faceless warriors. Hex again will tell you how close I am to animals and about the “faceless warriors” we have.

I wish I could go into more detail, but I don’t think it would be proper.
(Imagine if I had White Buffalo Woman, eh Hex?)

Monday, June 7, 2010

Mystic Dreamers Tarot-Blogging

This is the first time I’ve done a Celtic Cross spread!
If you read USBoS, then you can see I’m going through some issues regarding my other blogs, and how I pretty much want to start fresh.

1. Me, in terms of the question: Ace of Swords, reversed
This card suggests I should let go of an idea, however I’m unsure if it means I need to let go to USBoS, or let go of the plan I have for Writing Magic.

2. The Conflict: Page of Wands
This card represents starting new. The sooner the Page starts something new, the happier she’ll be. So, this means that I should let go of USBoS, because it’s not making me happy.

3. Foundation: Ten of Cups reversed
When reversed, this card warns that family life is not well. This could mean my foundation is weak and I have very few people to fall back on for this new blog idea.

4. Past Influences: Four of Cups reversed
When this card is reversed, it represents unhealthy ways to eliminate boredom. And I do that. A lot. I troll on Omegle, and literally a whole day will pass and you did nothing but troll.

5. Immediate Future: Ace if Wands
This card represents tapping into creative and energy potential. Harness it and you’ll go far.

6. Desired Outcome: Nine of Swords, reversed
Uhh, according to this, my desired result is becoming addicted to sleeping pills. Well, there is no doubt that I don’t sleep well. I have a strange sleep schedule, and it effects every aspect of me. It’s not good, and I have to change it.

7. Self-Image: Page of Swords
This page is curious. She is sometimes annoying and gets under people’s skin, but she is a good problem solver, she is smart, and she can be an overachiever or slacker, depending on what she is presented with.
Holy crap, I think 99% of my teachers have said that exact thing!

8. How others see you: Eight of Pentacles reversed
This cars suggests that I’m a nitpicker or a perfectionist. I’ve never seen those qualities in myself, so I’m not sure...

9. Hopes and fears: The Hierophant reversed
This is my fear: it shows that I’m in a rut with religious work and that is one place I don’t want to be. This card suggests that giving up routines or thinking out of the box is going to be beneficial.

10. Outcome: Wheel of Fortune
This card shows that something beyond my control will happen. It could be good, it could be bad, but either way I need to make the most of it.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Mayan Tarot: Ritual Worries

I addressed the Mayan God Hunab Ku in this reading, to help me understand my upcoming ritual, which is a giant smash-up of at least 4 different cultures, not including musical accompaniment.

1. The inner and sacred spirit-The Mad Minstrel (The Fool)
The Mad Minstrel dances to the beat of his own drum. He stakes out his own path, completely different from the tribe. And he loves it. To others, the Mad Minstrel is crazy, but he is the one they will come to for advice. The Mad Minstrel has strong intuition.
The Mad Minstrel is me. I’m staking out my own religion (that sounded a bit too cult-y, didn’t it?) Taking elements of things that I know and love, and filling in the rest with modern Wicca. Some Pagans will tell you that this is crazy and I’m never going to truly be in touch with the Divine, but, like the Mad Minstrel, I have great intuition.

2. The East-A Messenger (Page of Cups) Reversed
When the Page of Cups is reversed, it represents a “Jack of All Trades”, someone with a lot of shallow knowledge about many topics. I feel this way a lot regards to my upcoming ritual. The East position symbolizes that something here must be followed to a solution.
Perhaps this means that I shouldn’t worry about this knowledge, for it is actually a good thing I know so much about many topics, because then I can work with them in a ritual context, and see which I should develop further.

3. The West-A Traveler (Three of Wands)
This card says that, in order to prepare for a journey, one must always look ahead to check for any difficulties and gather supplies. Hah! I love to gather Pagan supplies. I’m obsessed with it.
The Western position symbolizes things that are in your way. This is a big one. I recently ordered a ton of statues, incense, and some other things from Sacred Mists. I love this store very much, but they don’t update their website quite like they should. Anyway, I’m freaking out because one thing I really need for one of my altars was backordered to June 1st. It’s now been 5 days and it hasn’t shipped yet. And, it’s very safe to say I’m freaking out. In total, there are 6 things backordered, and they are all pretty important. Perhaps this is what’s getting in my way. If my items aren’t here by June 20th, I’ll be a mess and I think I’ll have a hard time with the ritual itself. It seems really silly when I put it out on paper, but there it is.

4. The North-Protected Traveler (Five of Wands)
The five of wands shows a tired traveller, deep in the forest away from his home. He is not scared, however, he is confident that the Gods will protect him.
The North position is hidden wisdom, or something actively forgotten due to a jumble of other things. In this case, I seem to forget that my Patron deities (ironically, one is Mayan) will look out for me in the context of this ritual. I may not have all my “goodies” from SM, but they will help me remember that, in the long run, it’s about a connection to the Gods, not the items, and I can call upon other Gods, even if I don’t have a statue for them.

5. The South-Hunab Ku (Nine of Swords)
This card represents controlling emotions and thinking logically, which in this case is considered good. This card also represents reflection. This card says that every reflection or meditation will be fruitful.
The South position represents the conduct which I will need to adapt for the ritual. Though I should not just be “going through the motions”, being overly emotional and nervous about it won’t do me any good. Relaxation exercises will probably help immensely.

6. Above-Hunab Ku (Eight of Cups)
Another representation of Hunab Ku, the God who I called upon at the beginning of this. This card represents the life force of all. It is the balance and maturity of the soul.
The above position represents divine energies and the higher spiritual influences, and help from the Gods. This card, from what I can tell, then states that this ritual is going to be a first step to religious maturity. Already, after June 21st, I have plans for an eclipse ritual for the full solar eclipse taking place in July.

7. Below-Fans of Passion (Six of Cups)
Uhh...let me just copy word-for-word from the book... “Cherish the memory of your lover’s erotic embrace and continue to fan the fires of passion.”
Well, I don’t have a lover!
The Below position represents the primordial instinct and influence of the body.
Well, you don’t get much more primal than sex, but I’m honestly not thinking about it at all. Relationships, though they are nice, I don’t feel like I need right now.
This one needs a bit more thinking on my part. Any ideas?

Monday, May 24, 2010

Quantum Tarot-Energy

1. Six of Pentacles-Hadrons, Baryons and Mesons
This card represents the balance between being alone and being with people. Today, there are people coming over, and though it’s just my aunt, I feel like I can’t tell her a lot most of the time, and it makes it her a little hard to be around.

2. The Devil-Black Hole
The devil represents a large reservoir of energy and becoming trapped within it. I think this card came up due to my lack or work within the Spiritual community and not only feeling disconnected, but with a large pool of energy just...waiting.

3. Ace of Wands-Photon
This card represents understanding. This card gets you so pumped with directed energy that you feel like you can accomplish anything.

Overall: Uhh, well, it’s not so bad is it? There is a lot about not being still and tapping into energy, which for me is probably a really good idea.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Egyptian Tarot-Motivation

1. Four of Pentacles-Urei of the North
This card represents a division of goods. They only goods that I have that are being divided are things you can’t hold like time. This card also says “closing of accounts.” Perhaps this means there are some things I can’t do online.

2. Two of Cups-The Staircase of Set
This is a desire. Well, am desiring to get this course done.

3. The World
This is a reward card. If I complete this course, I will get a reward (A certificate and increased income).

4. Ten of Pentacles-The Emblems of Power
This is another income card. This card is saying that the income will be earned by my own merit. What I do will affect it.

5. Six of Cups-The White Crown
This is the card of pleasant memories. A lot of people in my family think I won’t be happy being spiritual, but it’s exactly what I want to do. This card is saying that if I get motivated I will be happy.

This is a really encouraging reading! A lot of this is saying that I am going to get this course done and I’m going to be great at it. The increased income is a great incentive, and the final card is telling me that deep down, this is exactly what I want to do.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Quantum Tarot: Losing my Religion

I did a one-card pull for this today.
This card is basically about how to balance elements in your life. This is showing that it’s hard for me to get back into the swing of things, as I’ve been feeling out of balance (it’s been hot, I’ve been getting up earlier but going to bed at the same time, ect).
Balance is coming, though. I can sort of feel it.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Animals Divine: Stop Bottling Emotions Up

1. Gama Sennin-King of Wands (Reversed)
This card represents a lack of understanding between two people.

2. Yhi-Knight of Wands
This card is determination. It helps you to overcome feelings and fight through stagnation.

3. Horus-The Sun
This card is a happy card. It shows the reconciliation between two forces. This card represents celebration.

Overall: I’ve been having some inter-personal problems with a friend of mine. She is awesome and I love her, but sometimes she gets under my skin. Last night I decided to write it all out in a neat and orderly form. The first card here represents that inter-personal problem. We have a lack of understanding, and we need to work things out. Maybe some of it is all in my head, I don’t know. I wanted to get my feelings out, and then we can discuss them. The second card is sort of my personal card in this. Yhi is the Goddess who is going to help me actually give this letter to me friend. She is going to help me with my determination, because I’m usually incredibly polite and hate doing this sort of thing. Card three is the (hopeful) outcome. We get all of our feelings out, we talk through it, and we come to a happy conclusion, which would then call for celebration.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Mystic Faerie Tarot: Combating Fear

1. What you need to know most about what you fear: Queen of Swords
This card symbolizes being true to your emotions. Though you may feel like shutting down emotions when you’re nervous and ignoring the pit in your stomach, it’s more beneficial to listen to your feelings, but think with your head, other than listening with your head, and thinking with your heart.

2. What aspect of your fear is real: Six of Cups
There is something missing from my life, that I used to have in this past. I think this card represents the fact that I’m not really practising my religion at home on a day-to-day basis, I’m a little obsessed with getting everything first. So, I’m living in the past, when my room was pretty much spiritually safe. Now wandering spirits can come in.

3. How you can combat it: Judgement
This card represents that there is something you can be doing. In my case, I think it’s that I’m not doing anything with religion anymore, and my room is that of an average college dorm, rather than a relaxing place for me to escape and keep sacred.

4. What aspect of your fear is an illusion: Six of Pentacles
This card represents that it’s okay to accept help. I think I’m almost afraid to call on spirits for help because I don’t want to seem like a bother. So, that adds another level of fear: one of being an annoyance. This card is showing me that I don’t need to be afraid of that anymore.

5. How you can banish the illusion: Three of Swords
This card traditionally symbolizes getting in touch with your sadness and mourn a loss properly. I think in my case, it’s telling me to get in touch with my emotions in general. Maybe using them as a catalyst to form a tighter relationship with my patron deities, instead of just calling on them when I’m scared.

6. What you fear most: The Priestess
This card is telling me to immerse myself in my religion. I think I’ve always been a little wary of practising what the books say. I love my religion dearly, but when it comes to thinks like rituals, especially with more than one person around, I feel silly. I mean...”smart” people don’t have religions, they think more logically. I fear both losing my religion, and making a fool of myself by saying I’m a Pagan. I think this is a very deep fear I have, more deep than what the rest of this reading has been about: my fear of the dark.

7. How you can overcome it: Wheel of Fortune
This card represents learning to understand the cycle of life. We will all have days of fear, and days of being perfectly alright. As soon as I understand this concept, I’ll be able to feel more at ease in the dark.

8. What you will learn by overcoming this fear: Temperance
When I conquer my fear of the dark, I’ll be able to have a blissful, stress-free falling asleep time. It can take me a while to fall asleep, no matter how tired I am, so having that time be relaxing would be really awesome.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Heart of Faerie Oracle-Good Day

Indicator-35, Bright Spark
Like the title of this card suggests, it is the card of an idea. This is the “spark of genius”, as it were. It can be hard to communicate my ideas today, so I need to have a bit of creativity to go with it.

1. 4-The Queen of the Day
This card represents blessing. When this card is drawn, today will be a blessed day. Everything I do will have a blessing from the Queen of the Day. She also symbolizes the return of light to darkness.

2. 23-The Heartless Love
This card often symbolizes romantic relationships, but I’m thinking it symbolizes friendships today. This card means that someone is being “left behind” and someone is being incredibly non-caring. I think I’m being the non-caring one.

3. 22-The Maiden
Ah, the Maiden. Everyone tells me I’m a “Maiden”. This is the card of endless possibilities. This card is telling me to not lock my emotions away and always honour my Maiden qualities.

Overall: I think after a few really bad days, I’m going to have a good one.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Mayan Tarot: Recharge

1. Ace of Cups -Reversed
This is the card of stagnation. All the yummy drink is falling out of the cup, leaving you with an empty chalice.

2. The Sacrificed (The Hanged Man)-Reversed
This card represents a lack of commitment toward a goal. The booklet that goes with this deck suggests that my consciousness will be altered in order to understand higher truths.

3. Four of Swords-Reversed
This card represents forced retreat and depression, particularly against the forces of the jungle in this deck.

This reading doesn’t make a lot of sense to me, so I asked my Patron Mayan God, Cama Zotz, to pull a card for me. It’s not pictured.

He gave me two, obviously to be read together.
Three of Pentacles and Ace of Wands (reversed)
The Three of Pentacles represents storing energy in order to share. The Reversed Ace of Wands represents energy and strength coming from within.

Overall: Together, these cards mean I need to “recharge” in order to share what I have learned, or am learning, with the world.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Quantum Tarot: School

No image today, sorry.

1. Pulsar-Nine of Wands
This card represents monotony and routine. Now that I’m done Gina’s and a more “traditional” trade, I can do all the “fun” things like crystal therapy. I’m done with routine, because I’m studying at home, I can set my hours.

2. Radioactivity-Seven of Swords
This card represents planning and not being spontaneous. I can’t take the “American” approach to problems: I can’t go in guns blazing and hope to hit something. I need to take my time, and really understand things. I think this may have to do with my new courses. I’m taking it slow and planning, and I think that’s going to help me in the long run.

3. Galaxy Cluster-Three of Wands
This card represents big dreams and planning on finding them. This card means that we can have our dreams come true, we just need to be able to take the time, and do what we need to do. I’m getting a job soon, there is a brand new Shoppers Drug Mart going up near my house, and when I do freelance makeup, or Reiki when I’m certified, I’ll charge just a little bit of money, and put it all directly into a bank account for my future business.
In fact, I’m going to talk to my dad about getting me a business account.

This was a school reading I think. It basically told me things I know, but it did remind me to talk to my dad about getting a bank account to start saving for a business. Not one of those stupid student accounts, but a legit bank account, one that actually gives me interest.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Animals Divine: Education

1. Hanuman-Page of Pentacles (Reversed)
This card traditionally means spending money, and I agree with this statement, but I don’t see this card representing like it’s a bad thing. Hanuman seems to be making the money forefront in this image, and I think it means spending money to earn something in the long run.

2. Snake-Nine of Wands (Reversed)
Here I see a snake winding down a path and he looks almost lost and trapped. The card tends to symbolize that projects started will fail. I’m going to expand on this: if I take up too many projects, then I think it will be doomed to fail. I need to balance so I’m not overwhelmed.

3. Fox-Five of Pentacles
This card represents focus and making sure you know where you’re going. I think it means I need to take a good look at my education courses and make sure I pick the “right” ones.

Well not the happiest education reading I’ve done. Hell, I think it was one card away from saying “DON’T DO THIS!!” I think I need to look at this as if I were getting a degree. What courses will I need to complete a degree? How many credits can I take a “semester”?(Answer: 7. One for each day of the week) How many should I take? (Answer: 4, then I have three days for myself.) I really want to take all 12 courses I’ve picked out. I think I need to discuss it with my family and see how it all fits in.
In the end, if I don’t do a very good job on these classes, it’s not like I did waste my money on a university degree. Not that university is a waste, but that is costs way less here.

I don’t think any education will be a waste.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Anubis Oracle-My Sacred Purpose

1. Ptah
The position of this card represents the entire theme of my purpose. The card, Ptah, symbolizes imagination and vision. In this position, I think this means that the theme of my purpose here is creating.

2. Right Timing and Direction (Sothis, Khnosu and Amun-Ra)
This is the force that is grounding me. The card represents bringing the Gods gifts into everyday life. To me, this means that once I finish my Book of Shadows (well, it will never be finished, but when I get this chunk done), I’ll be able to move on and bring my religion into my everyday life, something I’ve wanted to do since the beginning.

3. Bast
This position represents what I am becoming. My card is Bast, who represents desire, sensuality and instinct. I think that these three qualities will begin to come through once I begin to feel confident in myself, which I will help through meditation and magic. I may even begin to feel these once I feel “accomplished” at finishing something.

4. Khepera (Khephri)
This position symbolises what I will create or offer to the world, as part of my sacred purpose. The Khepera card represents cycles of change, the spiral dance, and is a protector of the planet. The thing I don’t agree with for me is the planet protecting. Sure, I’m all for saving the planet, but I’m not giving up my comforts. If, when I open a business, it’s cheaper to install solar panels, then I will, but if it’s still way to expensive, then I won’t. The spiral dance caught me, because I love to dance, even if I suck at it.

This reading is supposed to help you tune into your “higher purpose”. Many pagans believe you are on this earth for a reason. Some are healers, some are warriors, some are teachers, ect. I’ve fallen between so many categories that I haven’t been able to figure anything out. This helped me a bit. My theme is creation. Maybe I’m here to create things (blogs, cross stitch, businesses) that will be lasting throughout human history.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Mystic Faerie: Four cards

Indicator-Ten of Cups (reversed)
This card indicates a lack of harmony and co-operation. This could symbolize a loss of friendship, major family disputes and anti-social action. Sometimes this card can also represent young pregnancies.

1. Ace of Pentacles (Reversed)
This card symbolises greed. It’s the card of rampant materialism. The card also represents lack of imagination and fear of death.

2. The Magician (reversed)
The playing cards on this card represent chaos to me. It shows a lack of organization and a lack of focus.

3. Judgement
This card urges you to open your heart and listen for divine messages. It will tell you what you need to do.

Maybe I’m still a little overtired, but these cards did not speak to me very much today. I can see each of these aspects within me (the anti-socialness, the greed, the chaos, and the need to just listen), but I can’t piece them together today.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Heart of the Faerie Oracle-First Time

1. 39-The Fixer
This card symbolizes best intentions. The sprite on the card will hide things just so that everything appears right. I think I do this a lot, with friends and family. I’m secretive by nature, and if I don’t tell people anything, then they will think I’m fine.

2. 42-The Lady of Song
This is the card of listening. This lady is connected to the universe. She hears the songs put out by the cosmos. In fact, it is true that our own planets and sun put out a sort of “music”. This Lady is connected to that, and urges one to be connected too. I’ve always wanted to be very connected to the cosmos. I am, sometimes. Sometimes I’m trapped in the mundane. I’d like to be able to switch gears instantly, going from the mundane to the spiritual whenever I felt like it.

3. 41-The Lady of Unicorns
I’m going to get this out of the way first: I love unicorns. Okay, this card is similar to The Lady of Song. This card, however, urges you to become connected with magic. She is the Lady that you should turn to when your beliefs are threatened or on thin ice. I think we all have those days where you just question, “Why do I believe in this?” The Lady of Unicorns will help you understand. I question my faith as much as anyone else, and I think that I need to turn to spirits like Unicorns and Faeries to help me understand, instead of turning to Gods and Goddesses. I think these spirits are more able to cope with something like losing faith.

This is my first time using this deck, and I’ve found it really accurate so far. Each of these cards has symbolized a different part of me: lying for the greater good, wanting to connect, and losing faith.

At first I was a little wary about buying an oracle deck. I had bought one because it was Egyptian themed, and this one I don’t think I could have put down. I still prefer tarot cards to oracle decks, but these should make a cool addition to my collection.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Necronomicon Tarot:All Over the Place

Indicator: King of Wands (Reversed)
This card represents a controlling older man who is unable to control his temper. He is supposed to be noble, but always corrupts this nobility with the constant need for control.

1. Shuggoth: Strength
This card, though the picture shows a slave creature, represents harnessed power, directed energy and perseverance.

2. Beast of Babylon: Chariot
This card is the card of victory and triumph. It is a commanding card, but I think it’s command in a good way. It’s the sort of control that a group of people need.

3. Four of Disks
This card represents earth power. It also symbolizes a legacy, inheritance, property and financial gain.

To be honest, everything seems all over the map here. I was trying to get an answer was to what I needed to do to stop being so afraid at night. If anyone wants to give understanding this reading a shot, go for it, I’d love to hear what you come up with.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

UFO Tarot: Planet Spread

This spread was modified from a spread that came with my UFO Tarot deck. TO get full information about it, read The Planet Spread.

1. The sun-Knave of Pentacles
This card is basically a “slow and steady wins the race” sort of card. It tells us that long time steadfastness is better than quick bursts of energy and strength. This really does describe me, as I can focus on things for a long time and feel like I get more done that way.

2. Mercury-Five of Wands
This card means that I need to be wary of working in groups. The card represents that one single indecision in a group setting can jeopardise things. I need to be cautious when I’m in groups now.

3. Venus-The Fool
This card represents risk. I think it’s saying that I need to take a risk and just jump in and have fun. This may be hard for me because I’m very cautious.

4. Earth-Five of Swords
This means I’m not sharing my actual work ideas effectively. I want to open a business and I don’t know if people quite understand what I’m doing. I think I need to communicate my ideas better.

5. Mars-The Magician
I think I need to hold back when discussing certain things. Though, people I’ve met are very open about what I have to say, I’m sure I’ll find some people who think I’m crazy. I need to learn how to say things with tact and respect instead of attacking them. Then I’m no better than a fundie. I need to use willpower to hold myself back.

6. Jupiter-Six of Swords
This position is about goals, and the card symbolizes that I may have to sacrifice things to gain my full potential. As the aliens are getting off the mothership, I think this card may have to do with moving. I don’t really want to move, I want to work in this town. I like it here.

7. Saturn-Ten of Cups
This card represents making great things out of hard situations. I expect this means some of my greatest creative work (makeup, photomanips, whatever) are going to be done under times of complete and utter stress or exhaustion.

8. Uranus-Five of Pentacles
Uranus represents fear. This card means to face and overcome fears to gain true happiness. I think I need to “grow up” and not be afraid of things like being alone or sleeping alone.

9. Neptune-Four of Pentacles
I think this card represents my desire to be seen for who I am on the inside and not my frightened and strange outside. My appearance doesn’t represent who I am at all, and I don’t think a lot of people want to break through my cold shell.

10. Pluto-Ace of Pentacles
The booklet says this for this card: “Gain should fit the need”. I’m not exactly sure what this means, especially when it comes to changes. If anyone has any ideas, let me know.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Revelations Tarot: Work Through The Wall

Indicator: Eight of Pentacles
This card represents hard work and focus. This is what I’m actually hoping to do today. I need to focus on my spiritual work because I want to get two brand new Tarot decks done very soon. The only thing is, I need to finish this more “boring” task before I can do the fun one. If I work hard today, according to this card, it will pay off.

1. The Hierophant (Reversed)
This card, when upright, symbolizes very orthodox things, especially when it comes to religion. It is no surprise then that this card is sometimes called “The Pope.” When reversed, however, it signifies the unorthodox. If I had to describe my spirituality, unorthodox would be a word I’d use.

2. Seven of Pentacles (Reversed)
This card symbolizes that all my work has been frustrating and it seems like I’m getting nowhere fast. The card warns me to not just “give up” and fight through the “wall” that I’ve hit.

3. Two of Wands
This card represents flourishing. The figure is directing fire energy, a very powerful force. I think this means that once I get past my Wall, I will continue to work quickly and efficiently, maybe even hitting my goal of being done by Easter (Christian Easter, not Pagan Ostara.)

This reading was exactly what I needed to hear. I’m at a block with my USBoS (my virtual Book of Shadows). I was working really quickly, maybe 5 days, for each folder. Now, I’m stuck and Gemstone Magic, one of the larger folders. As someone who will be doing gemstone meditation with other people, I need to know as much about properties of stones as I can. But, this folder is indeed going “nowhere, fast.” It’s been over two weeks, at least.
Today, I’m focusing all on that folder, getting it done and maybe starting the next largest one, symbols.

At least symbols don’t have crazy names like stones.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Egyptian Tarot: Children

1. The Power of Ptah-Five of Wands
This is the card of healthy competition and mutual disagreements. Sort of an “agree to disagree” thing. I think this may have to do with my not wanting kids and almost everyone around me going gaga for babies. I don’t hate kids, I just don’t interact well with them.

2. The Wheel
This card represents change. Some decks portray this as a negative change, but on this card, the good is rising and the bad is falling. This means a positive change.

3. The Lady of Glory-Queen of Pentacles
This is the card of a proper leader. She is generous, but will stand up for her beliefs. She is not afraid to trust herself and do as she sees fit.

This reading really hits home some things about my childfree-ness. There are some people who think I’m too young to decide, or that I’m not a real woman because I don’t want to reproduce. The first card tells me that I can’t force my opinions on others. We will agree to disagree on the subject. The second card shows that people aren’t going to be as closed-minded about it as I would think. The third card is me, standing up for my beliefs and not crumbling under societies pressure.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Anubis Oracle: Finding The Higher Self

1. Sekhmet-Transformation
This is funny, because this is the card of transformation, especially of the start of a transformation, which is what this position means. This card represents a fierce and compassionate hand (or paw, as Sekhmet is a lioness) to lead you to your higher self.

2. Sobek and Horus-Reconciliation of Opposites
This card in this position represents that there are things in my past that I’m not forgiving myself for. I hold onto guilt for a really long time, and this card says that if I want to move on, I’ll have to learn to get rid of this guilt.

3. The Nile-Sacred Archetypal Element of Water
Water is my element and water is something that I find heals me of emotional debris than anything else. The books says that when I draw this card, I need to let myself relax in water, and just sort of float and let its energy run through me. In this position I think it also represents that, because the Nile is so-called a reflection of the Milky Way, water will become a medium for transmuting messages from higher powers.

4. The Sphinx-Divine Messenger
This card represents finding yourself. Going inside yourself and finding out everything you can. About your soul, your past lives, the spirits that look after you, and deities that look out for you. Because the Sphinx is so big, I think this card also means that it will be a big process.

For more about this reading, check out here: Tree of Life Spread

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Mayan Tarot: Okay Cupid

1. Knave of Cups
This card represents the messenger of love. He is someone who will bring all the new opportunities for romance.

2. Three of Cups (Reversed)
This is another relationship card. It means “as the serpent hatches, a new relationship comes to light”. I think this means that a new relationship may happen in the spring. The card is reversed, so I have to look out for people who are not looking for something long-term and just wants to use me.

3. Eight of Cups (Reversed)
This card represents risk. I suppose dating in general can be risky, especially if you just know someone online. I think this card is telling me to be very careful and watch my back.

So, I signed up for OkCupid because I’m terrible with meeting people in person. I go to beauty school, so there aren’t any guys there, and my other two courses are going to be correspondence. All of my friends are lucky enough to have guys who they have known for a time and know very well. I’m not so lucky, so I’ve expanded by options.
This reading is pretty optimistic that it might have been a good option for me, as long as I play it safe.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Animals Divine Tarot: Distance Reading.

Indicator: Heron-Ten of Swords (Reversed)
This card isn’t a happy card. In its reversed position, it can mean sudden change, and temporary happiness. The heron appears to be stressed and losing all his feathers.

1. Bast-The High Priestess (Reversed)
This card symbolizes a lack of foresight and not listening to your inner voice. It can also mean that someone is emotionally manipulative, usually a female.

2. Zeus-The Emperor (Reversed)
This card when reversed symbolizes a distrust and dislike of authority. It also means that you have no power over a situation.

3. Caterpillar-Six of Wands
This card represents fear of an outcome or situation. It shows someone’s lack of decision making to illustrate how badly things can turn out.

This reading isn’t for me. I was confused by it at first, relying entirely on the books. I marked it up to being tired.
This reading is for a friend. Out of respect, I won’t mention names or situations.
The indicator card symbolizes my friend. The other three illustrate the situation.

Sorry about the kind of lame reading today. I don’t want to betray my friend’s trust by posting all the details.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Necronomicon Tarot: Another Business Reading

Indicator: Lady-Queen of Wands
This card represents inner strength, stability and security. The card isn’t really speaking to me, other than the bird, which looks to me like it’s a symbol of both freedom and being chained up. The bird can fly where it wants to, but it always returns. Sometimes I feel like that: I’m free to do what I want, but I’m in a very large cage.

1. Harlot-Queen of Swords
This is the card of grace, perception, and confidence. This woman is not afraid to do what she wants. She is something I hope I’ll be. I want to be this woman of perfect grace and confidence, and I think these traits are things that I’ll need to develop.

2. Ishtar-Star
This card symbolises hope, destiny and a wish granted. There are quite a few things that I wish for quite desperately, but only two are very important: my business and a husband. This card could signify either.

3. Three of Disks
This card is a card that symbolizes work and skill. It shows a woman preparing to make a grizzly object, a hand of glory, but that takes skill. This card also can symbolize material gain.

This reading is yet another business one. It shows things I need, things that will happen, and things that will be the result of work.

My indicator is a very personal card today. It flopped out of the deck. This freedom thing has been bugging me recently, but it’s usually just something at the back of my mind.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Mayan Tarot: Balance!

I’ve always found it hard to keep up on goals. That’s probably why I haven’t done a tarot reading in quite some time. I’ve been caught up in school and my own USBoS, which is at its halfway point to completion.

I’m in the process of creating two personal tarot decks for me to use. When they are done, I’ll start doing readings with them here. One is just a Majors deck, and the other is the full 78 card deck. I hope to get them done within the year, hopefully before summer. We’ll just have to see.

Anyway, to get back into the swing of things, I did a simple reading today.

Indicator: The Law of ItzamĂ -Justice
This is a card of balance. The figure (I’m assuming its ItzamĂ ) holds a scale that is balanced, not tipped in one way. This card fell out of the deck, which is why I’m calling it the indicator card. I need to find some balance in my life.

1. Two of Wands
Another card of balance. This time it mentioned sharing and co-operation. I’ve never been good with other people, preferring to work entirely on my own. This card indicates that I need to co-operate with others to find a balance.

2. Seven of Wands (Reversed)
This card in its reversed form tends to mean that I have a lack of decisiveness. I can’t make a decision. I need to learn to make decisions if things are going to look up.

3. The Shaman-The Magician (Reversed)
This card, when it’s upright, signifies that the Magician’s power can only be stopped by himself. Reversed, I think it means that he has been stopped by himself and let human weakness overtake him.

This reading has told me a lot of things I already sort of knew. I’ve been feeling overwhelmed with my classes that offer zero spiritual qualities. Sure, makeup is fun and I’m enjoying the class to a degree, but when all my business plans involve very spiritual things for me (Reiki, gemstone healing, ect) then makeup seems incredibly mundane. I feel almost drained by it, and so I haven’t been able to feel really spiritual. I need to find a balance between these two things.
Maybe starting daily tarot readings will help!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Revelations Tarot: Four Direction Spread

To see what this spread is about, check out here: Four Elements Tarot Spread

1. North-Five of Cups Reversed
This card symbolizes moving on. It may hurt a lot, but it means I have to pick up the pieces, move on, and remember everything this has taught me. There are fragments of emotion that I need to examine and pick up, in order to move on. I must sever myself with that which is hurting me.

2. East-Three of Swords
This is the card of failed relationships and lack of trust. My heart rules my head, and logic is out the window. It symbolizes despair and woe.

3. South-Six of Pentacles
This card is the card of generosity. In whatever my focus is, I will excel and things will work out. “Whatever your pleasure will be, there it will be in abundance.”

4. West-Five of Pentacles
This is the card of depravity. Not financial, but of emotional. I’m stuck on a wheel, lost, feeling needy with no one to let me be needy. I’m emotionally starved.

Intuition: This moving on is a situation that has been weighing on my mind for a while. My intuition isn’t really helping me, but two tarot readings have said “You need to do something.”

Thought: The Three of Swords symbolizes the prevalence of emotion of logic. I tend to think and act more with emotion, and maybe it’s leading me to despair. I guess I need to start thinking with my head.

Sensation: I’ve always been generous, I dish out compliments, I give money and presents when I can, so maybe I’ll start to feel “repaid”. I know it sounds greedy to want compensation, but I sometimes feel like I just keep giving and never get anything back.

Emotion: The Five of Pentacles spoke volumes to me about emotional starvation. Sometimes I feel like I’m the one left behind when everyone else is having fun, and I fully admit it’s my own doing. I’m afraid to go out to a club or bar with my friends. Why? I have no idea. I’m so afraid of losing control that it’s making me lose control.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Mystic Faerie: Art

1. Three of Pentacles
This card represents doing things you love that make you happy. I have been kind of sitting around not doing anything recently, but I really want to try to do some space art because I love space. I think today this means I need to do things I love, and practise painting space art.

2. Ace of Swords
This is a card of challenge. Again, this relates to space art. I’m not a “good” drawer, I don’t have the right eye for it, as it were. I’m good at photo manipulation, but that took about two years of practise. Now, I’m going to start digital painting of space, and it’s a big challenge. So, I have to learn to cope with the challenge and not get frustrated if I’m not as good as one of the “pros” right away.

3. Five of Wands
This card represents compromise. I think it means that I have to not tell myself I’m just terrible at art, and admit that I’m just learning. Space is a bit subject, and I have to keep looking at legit photos from NASA and art from the pros and learn their styles. If I’m really confused, I just have to work through it.

So, like I said, I’ve been scouring the internet for things about space art, which is a combination (usually) of photo manipulation and digital paining. So, I’m going to take today to learn how to do space art. I have to go slowly and not make myself crazy about it, which I tend to do if things aren’t perfect. The reading today tells me not to be hard on myself, and I’m going to do m best not to. I am just learning, and, trust me, if I can learn to make makeup even, I can learn to paint nebulas.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Necronomicon Tarot: Do The Altar, It'll Make You Feel Better

1. Two of Wands
This card symbolizes what appears to be some kind of ritual. Though the cad has no religious connotation, aside from what appears to be a ritual, I think this is a card of ritual. The Wiccan holiday Imbolc is coming up on Tuesday, and I’ve been debating on planning a ritual. I think this card is telling me I should.

2. Ace of Cups
This card represents happiness and purification, despite the blood flowing imagery. The card could mean that Imbolc will be a time of renewal for me.

3. King of Disks
This card represents our handyman, believe it or not. It has nothing to do with the other cards. Our handyman is great at what he does, he just takes for bloody ever and is never on time and a whole host of other things. But, he does a good job when he is here. He did the floor in my bedroom. Anyway, the card represents a practical man who is regarded as a bit dull, which is my handyman. He’s very good at what he does, but all he talks about is rescuing cats and not being here on time. He’s supposed to be coming today, so I think the card came up in this reading because it’s on my mind.

Apart from the really random ending, I think this was a very religious reading. I’m not a Wiccan, but I tend to celebrate their holidays. I haven’t for a while because I’ve been learning everything still. A new deity has been reaching out to me, so I’m going to set up the altar on Imbolc and ask Him to indulge in the offerings I’ll be setting out (Tequila and Mexican chocolate), and give me some clue as to why He’s interested in me. I’ll link this blog to my post on Imbolc the day after, so you can see my altar set up and all that jazz.

The random last card? Let me put it this way: we love our handyman, he does great work. When he actually comes and does the work. He’s always late and doesn’t know how to manage time, so we get really frustrated by him. That’s been on everyone’s mind, because he’s supposed to be here today (he was supposed to be here half an hour ago).

Friday, January 29, 2010

Mystic Dreamer: Another Work Spread

1. Queen of Wands
This represents a women who is full of ideas, particularly creative ones. I just came from school, and my dad and I talked about what I was doing with my life. I’m doing holistic care, Reiki mainly, and we don’t have much like that around here. The sphinxes at the base of the Queen represent the theme for my centre (Egyptian/Aztec, so rich gold tones, lots of natural stone, ect). The sunflower represents optimism.

2. Knight of Pentacles
This card represents steadfast patience and getting things done. This is also the card or organization. This card indicates planning and following through with things.

3. The Fool (Reversed)
When reversed, this card indicates not paying attention to the “now”. It represents looking for far ahead, you can’t see right in front of you.

Another business reading! I’m so excited about planning my own business that I’m not paying attention to the skills I have to learn. The reading indicates that I have great ideas, and I will get it done, but if I keep looking so far ahead, I’m going to miss out on my base. I need to learn to focus and not think so far ahead.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Mayan Tarot: It's Time To Re-Evaluate Relationships

1. Three of Swords
This card represents a separation. The image on the card is said to be realization through a mystical experience. I think the card is telling me that I need to meditate/go on a spiritual journey to find out what I must do.

2. The God Ahpuch-Death (reversed)
This card always symbolises change. When upright, it’s usually a good change, but when reversed, the change will be painful. The card is warning me that new changes in my life will not come easily.

3. The Queen of the Maya-The Empress
This represents a woman that will not be chained by tradition. Many Empress cards I own show a pregnant woman, this card does not. In fact, this card doesn’t even mean pregnancy. This is the card of womanhood without the need to bear children. She is powerful, right alongside men. She is not the type to be bought or sold: she does not fall for false charms and she is not dominated. This, though I’ve said it a million times before, is my ideal woman. This is who I want to be when I grow up.

I’ve recently had some problems with my friends reacting to certain views of mine (religiously, socially, ect.) so if I want to move on and start to feel better, I have to get rid of these relationships, either talk it out so we come to an understanding, or end the entire thing. This is what the Three of Swords represents. The Death card shows that it will be hard for me to do, and it has been, but it is for my benefit. If I cannot be myself, then why should I hold onto things?
The Empress card represents a major fighting point within this relationship. I don’t want to name any names here, but if you’re reading this, you have a good idea of who you are. Like I said, we need to talk, but I’ll do it on my own terms, I’ll come to you.
Anyway, the reading represents I need to sort out these problems, and they can’t be brushed off with a “yeah okay”, or going straight for my throat.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Mystic Faerie: Confusing.

1. The Hermit (Reversed)
This card when it’s reversed means that what you are doing alone isn’t working. The card symbolizes excessive isolation. The card shows that I need to lighten up and not be so anti-social, but still remain cautious as this is the time for people to prey on vulnerabilities.

2. The Sun
This card symbolizes happiness and joy. It symbolizes that everything will work out.

3. Two of Swords
This card represents a choice. I have to decide if certain relationships are worth keeping. The card tells us that we have to be honest, and if the other people can accept this, the relationship can and probably will work out, all others will make your life better.

Today I’m feeling a bit scattered, which is reflected in the reading. I really don’t know how to connect these all. I’m rather worried about a few things, so we’ll just have to see what happens.
Hopefully tomorrow I feel better.