Thursday, September 9, 2010

Anubis Oracle-Cosmic Influences

1. Thoth-Illumination
This is your cosmic guide. It’s no coincidence I pulled Thoth. Thoth has been one of “my” deities since I learned about Him years ago. He’s been very close to me during hard times, and I enjoy the relationship I have with Him. This signifies that my protector is already a deity I’m close to, and that my “quest” is really all about knowledge.
2. Sothis-Star Consciousness
The position represents your karmic protector, someone who guides you from past life to new life. This card tells me that I am becoming a rising star. From what little I know of my most recent past life, there is no where I can go but up, which I think is what Sothic represents here.
3. Nekhbet-Mother-Mut-Alchemist
This card is the protector of my physical body. Nekhbet-Mother-Mut represents that my spirit guides are looking out for me, providing me with wisdom, and are teaching me, handing down knowledge from Elder to Neophyte.
4. The Dove-Initiate
Card 4 is my soul’s ally. Like with card three, this card is about innocence. When this card is pulled, it related entirely to me, meaning I am the innocent one, I am the initiate, and I must be willing to trust and learn to grow.
5. The Crested Ibis-Air
Another spirit ally. Again with the birds. This card is the sacred element of Air, my second favourite element. It’s also telling me I need to lighten up and not be so serious all the time.
6. Nephthys-The High Priestess
This is my relationship guide. Nephthys tells me to me to watch for symbols, coincidences, and pay attention to my inner knowledge. I think working with my Third Eye would be very important here.
7. Sobek and Horus-Reconciliation of Opposites
This card is a guide to help me discover my sacred purpose. This card indicates conflict, be it inner or outer, will soon be resolved and my new self can evolve from my old self.
8. Ma’at-Truth
This is the proverbial “ah-ha” moment. Pulling Ma’at here is very auspicious because it means I have to pay special attention to this card. Ma’at symbolises balance and finding balance in everything I do.
9. Amun-Ra-Solar Energies
This is the card of inner truth. I am going to state this now though: I’m more of a lunar person than a solar one. This card speaks of embodying solar energies and deities. One of my patron, non-Egyptian Gods is a solar deity. He’s also the deity I’ve worked with the longest. Amun-Ra symbolizes a sacred marriage as well. I’m not 100% sure what that means.
10. Khnum-Master Craftsman
This is the destiny card. Khnum is a ram’s head deity that created life on His potter’s wheel. Khnum helps Shamans become, well, Shamans. He “activates” the spirit, and causes an altered state of mind.