Sunday, February 28, 2010

Mayan Tarot: Balance!

I’ve always found it hard to keep up on goals. That’s probably why I haven’t done a tarot reading in quite some time. I’ve been caught up in school and my own USBoS, which is at its halfway point to completion.

I’m in the process of creating two personal tarot decks for me to use. When they are done, I’ll start doing readings with them here. One is just a Majors deck, and the other is the full 78 card deck. I hope to get them done within the year, hopefully before summer. We’ll just have to see.

Anyway, to get back into the swing of things, I did a simple reading today.

Indicator: The Law of ItzamĂ -Justice
This is a card of balance. The figure (I’m assuming its ItzamĂ ) holds a scale that is balanced, not tipped in one way. This card fell out of the deck, which is why I’m calling it the indicator card. I need to find some balance in my life.

1. Two of Wands
Another card of balance. This time it mentioned sharing and co-operation. I’ve never been good with other people, preferring to work entirely on my own. This card indicates that I need to co-operate with others to find a balance.

2. Seven of Wands (Reversed)
This card in its reversed form tends to mean that I have a lack of decisiveness. I can’t make a decision. I need to learn to make decisions if things are going to look up.

3. The Shaman-The Magician (Reversed)
This card, when it’s upright, signifies that the Magician’s power can only be stopped by himself. Reversed, I think it means that he has been stopped by himself and let human weakness overtake him.

This reading has told me a lot of things I already sort of knew. I’ve been feeling overwhelmed with my classes that offer zero spiritual qualities. Sure, makeup is fun and I’m enjoying the class to a degree, but when all my business plans involve very spiritual things for me (Reiki, gemstone healing, ect) then makeup seems incredibly mundane. I feel almost drained by it, and so I haven’t been able to feel really spiritual. I need to find a balance between these two things.
Maybe starting daily tarot readings will help!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Revelations Tarot: Four Direction Spread

To see what this spread is about, check out here: Four Elements Tarot Spread

1. North-Five of Cups Reversed
This card symbolizes moving on. It may hurt a lot, but it means I have to pick up the pieces, move on, and remember everything this has taught me. There are fragments of emotion that I need to examine and pick up, in order to move on. I must sever myself with that which is hurting me.

2. East-Three of Swords
This is the card of failed relationships and lack of trust. My heart rules my head, and logic is out the window. It symbolizes despair and woe.

3. South-Six of Pentacles
This card is the card of generosity. In whatever my focus is, I will excel and things will work out. “Whatever your pleasure will be, there it will be in abundance.”

4. West-Five of Pentacles
This is the card of depravity. Not financial, but of emotional. I’m stuck on a wheel, lost, feeling needy with no one to let me be needy. I’m emotionally starved.

Intuition: This moving on is a situation that has been weighing on my mind for a while. My intuition isn’t really helping me, but two tarot readings have said “You need to do something.”

Thought: The Three of Swords symbolizes the prevalence of emotion of logic. I tend to think and act more with emotion, and maybe it’s leading me to despair. I guess I need to start thinking with my head.

Sensation: I’ve always been generous, I dish out compliments, I give money and presents when I can, so maybe I’ll start to feel “repaid”. I know it sounds greedy to want compensation, but I sometimes feel like I just keep giving and never get anything back.

Emotion: The Five of Pentacles spoke volumes to me about emotional starvation. Sometimes I feel like I’m the one left behind when everyone else is having fun, and I fully admit it’s my own doing. I’m afraid to go out to a club or bar with my friends. Why? I have no idea. I’m so afraid of losing control that it’s making me lose control.