Friday, November 19, 2010

Anubis Oracle-Alchemy

Last reading for this book. Tomorrow started the book "The Complete Book of Tarot Spreads", where I'll be using decks besides this one.

This reading is all about your elements.

Card One-Water
This card represents my ally. What's interesting here is that my ally is a solar deity, and the card represents the sun. My patron god, Quetzalcoatl, also is represented by the sun. I've missed Him recently, so I think this is showing that he is still my ally.

Card Two-Earth
Card two represents structure and what I physically need. In the Earth position, I have a card that represents the Earth Altar. The Sphinx comes up a lot for me, being the card of unlocking mysteries. Physically, I have to keep unlocking mysteries. I think getting back on track with daily readings will help.

Card Three-Fire
This card represents transformation. Wadjet represents total purification and spiritual awakening. I think this is saying I need to go on a major cleanse, inside and out. Oh...that'll be fun...

Card Four-Air
This position represents how to find knowledge. Ma'at is the Goddess of Truth. By finding what holds true to me, I will find knowledge.

Card Five-Spirit
The final card represents my spirit's goal. The card here, Nephthys, is the card of the High Priestess. This seems pretty obvious to me and just confirms a lot of what I want in my life.