Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Universal Goddess Tarot: My Universal Goddesses

1. The Dark Goddess: Eight of Pentacles-Nu Gua
The Dark Goddess is not the negative side, but the hidden side. Nu Gua is the Chinese creator Goddess. She is a serpent.
The Eight of Pentacles card symbolizes hard work and attention to detail. I think in this position, it shows that deep down, I can work hard and not slack off. Everyone thinks I’m a huge slacker, but it’s only for things I’m not interested in at all. I’m working hard on a lot of things: School, religion and tarot.
Unfortunately, I can’t tell anyone in my family because, again, I’ll be called a huge slacker.

2. The Light Goddess: Knave of Swords-Diana-
The Light Goddess is the side of you that most people can see or know. Diana is the Roman Goddess of the Hunt, associated with the Greek Artemis.
The Knave of Swords card is the card of observation. This card represents someone who is good at watching people. It’s no secret that my favourite thing to do is watch people. I watch people when I’m out in public. I study the movements of actors who are in-character. I think most of my high school career was learning how to read people, instead of learning math.
This card, however, also is the card of a young person, and thus observations made are often rejected due to the youth of the person.
I know this all too well.

3. The Goddess that rules my heart: Queen of Swords-Tara
The Goddess that rules my heart is the Goddess with whom my emotions connect with. Tara is a Hindu and Buddhist Goddess, associated with the sea. That makes sense in this position, the water element has always connected me to, well, everything.
The Queen of Swords is actually one of my favourite cards. The Queen of Swords is an independent, wise woman. She is a leader, who understands the needs of her people. I guess in a sense, I want to be this Queen. Not, obviously, a real queen. But a leader, particularly for the communities I’m in (Pagan, SBs, holistic care).

4. The Goddess that causes me to act: Nine of Pentacles-Rosmerta
She is the Goddess who directs my path. Rosmerta is a Celtic Goddess of business success. This makes a lot of sense in this part. My ultimate goal for earning a living is owning a business.
The Nine of Pentacles card is the card of maturity. This is a very common theme with me, particularly with issues regarding my future.

5. The Sacrifice: Four of Swords-Chang-O
This card represents what behaviours I need to sacrifice. Chang-O is a Chinese Goddess of the Moon.
The Four of Swords card is a card of retreat. When I saw this, I saw almost, like, being secluded from influences that still get me upset. The Moon Goddess aspect of this is making my emotions heightened, and until I can cope with what’s happened, it’s better for me to seclude myself from painful issues. I almost feel like I should meditate on them alone, rather than draw everyone to me for a pity party.

6. The Response: Two of Cups-Psyche
The final card is the Goddesses response to the sacrifice. Psyche is a love Goddess, from Rome.
The Two of Cups is all about partnerships. I don’t think it’s a romance partnership in this regard, I think, relating to Chang-O, it’s about deciding which partnerships are benefitting me and maturely dealing with the ones that don’t.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Egyptian Tarot-The Pyramid of Self Identity

1. The good and generous side
Queen of Wands; The queen is called the Lady of Science-She forms intense friendships and has everything you want in a queen. This means that I can be a very intense friend, which is my good side, meaning that I’m capable of sacrificing a lot to be with best friends.
2. The dark and egotistical side
Ace of Wands; The Sceptre of Horus-This is the beginning of an intellectual pursuit. I’m not exactly sure how this is a dark side, unless I’ve got some hidden motive subconsciously, but I’m not sure if I do.
3. The Feminine Side
King of Wands; the Lord of Fertility-This card represents inheritance. This is actually really striking a sad nerve. Every time I go to my senile grandmother’s house, all I can feel is death. I know she’s going to die soon, and this waiting game is making it hard on everyone. I don’t want her to die, and especially just for an inheritance, but the feeling is still there. The Feminine side is all about feeling and intuition, which I think is why I drew this card.
4. The Masculine Side
Seven of Cups; The Pillar of Ra-This card is stability, which also fits with the masculine position. I think this is telling me that I have a firm base to begin the next stages of my life.
5. The Proud, Unique Side
Eight of Wands; The Shoot of Papyrus-This is ambition. I’ve had a few more ambitious projects that I’d like to complete in my lifetime: maybe open a new-age style school, become a well-known blog, start helping one of my subcultures gain some recognition and standing. These are all unique facets of my personality, and I’m happy to make them work for my own life.
6. The innocent, Childish Side
Three of Wands; the Flowering Papyrus-This card is a fertility card. Well, fuck. The first thing I thought of when I saw that is that at some point I’ll give birth. What I hope it means is that I give birth to a movement, not a person.
7. The Ordinary Side
Three of Cups: The Papyrus Sceptre-This is, actually a card of ordinary-ness. It’s sort of just being yourself and good things come to you. I like this message.
8. The Responsibly Side
The Fool; Punishment-With a name like “The Fool”, you don’t expect this to be a responsible card. It shows a lack of direction, but the image on this card is also one of breaking someone’s will and thus, their lack of direction. I think that with discipline, responsibility will come.
9. The Self-Denial Side
Strength; Strength-I do often deny that I have some personal strength, and I just ignore it. Being weak is, well, easier. I can stand up for what I believe in through words, but I never can do it in real life. I’m so much better online.
10. The Inner Side, The Balance
Nine of Swords; The Blades of Thoth-Nine is the number of growth and maturation. In this sense, my inner side is working to keep me on a certain line of maturity for certain things. I can still be crazy and have fun, but certain things demand a bit of maturity. This card is that growth into maturity.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Animal’s Divine Tarot: To further develop your self-awareness...

1. The World-Gaia
Self-Awareness. This card represents knowing yourself and connecting to the world around you. I’m reminded of a quote that Hex found: To further develop your self-awareness, surround yourself with metaphorical people.
Oh...I’m surrounded all right.
And, yeah, I’ve really been able to see things in myself due to this, uh, surrounding. It’s been great!

2. Temperance-Xochiquetzal
This card is similar to the Gaia card, but instead of self-awareness, this card means balance. According to Aztec legend, She survived an apocalyptic flood by helping a mortal. Though lots of myths are rife with Gods and Goddesses interacting with mortals, I still see it as an allegory to the power of the deity being there, even if it’s not visual. I feel this every day, and, not that I accept it, I’ve been able to find more balance than I did before. I’m mellow, I’m not obsessive and I’m a lot less angry.

3. Queen of Wands-Nana Buluku
Creativity and female influences. I have a VERY nerdy/Pagany thing with this card. The female influences are me. People who are sensitive to energies can pick up how “girly” I am right away. A lot of people have a good balance of male and female energy, with their gender tending to override. Me? Nah, it’s all female. How does this relate to the other cards?

The metaphorical people I surround myself with are very masculine, considering most of them are male. The same goes for my patron Gods. In an attempt to quell the OHGODFEMALE energies that roll of me, I’m balanced due to the fact that these men are “here”. The first card really speaks volumes about this new stage in my life, and the second is about what it’s done for me. The third card is me, despite it being an African Goddess when I’m as white as they come.

Hex should know what I’m talking about, but I’m still wary to attach names to this yet. People who know me well may be able to understand.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Goddess Tarot-Moving Forward?

1. Three of Swords-The Fates of Scandinavia
This card represents growth, but usually by accessing and remembering pain. Hex will tell you that we had a very intense conversation a few days ago about some past things that have affected me (without naming names, of course). It was hard to go back and read, but I feel good to get all the ideas and feelings out. And solved.

2. Two of Cups-Psyche
The image on the Two of Cups is very romantic. This card represents strong emotional ties. I’m still unsure who this card is representing in my life, because it doesn’t seem like me. The whole thing seems to be about someone else.

3. The Emperor-Athena
The second of my Greeks! I like Athena on the Emperor card. This is the card of achievement. Athena proudly stands, ready to go into battle. Her army is behind Her, ready to fight and die for Her.

For a first time reading using this deck, it’s pretty good. The first card really struck me, and Hex surely knows about. I’m trying to factor in how the other two relate. I think the Two of Cups may represent the other person in, I guess it’s a conflict. The suits in tarot, I find, tell a story, and she is currently in the watery cups, something quite out of her element, as it were. And it bugs me sometimes.
The Emperor, I think, represents me. She is a solitary figure, save for an animal (owl in this case) and a hoard of faceless warriors. Hex again will tell you how close I am to animals and about the “faceless warriors” we have.

I wish I could go into more detail, but I don’t think it would be proper.
(Imagine if I had White Buffalo Woman, eh Hex?)

Monday, June 7, 2010

Mystic Dreamers Tarot-Blogging

This is the first time I’ve done a Celtic Cross spread!
If you read USBoS, then you can see I’m going through some issues regarding my other blogs, and how I pretty much want to start fresh.

1. Me, in terms of the question: Ace of Swords, reversed
This card suggests I should let go of an idea, however I’m unsure if it means I need to let go to USBoS, or let go of the plan I have for Writing Magic.

2. The Conflict: Page of Wands
This card represents starting new. The sooner the Page starts something new, the happier she’ll be. So, this means that I should let go of USBoS, because it’s not making me happy.

3. Foundation: Ten of Cups reversed
When reversed, this card warns that family life is not well. This could mean my foundation is weak and I have very few people to fall back on for this new blog idea.

4. Past Influences: Four of Cups reversed
When this card is reversed, it represents unhealthy ways to eliminate boredom. And I do that. A lot. I troll on Omegle, and literally a whole day will pass and you did nothing but troll.

5. Immediate Future: Ace if Wands
This card represents tapping into creative and energy potential. Harness it and you’ll go far.

6. Desired Outcome: Nine of Swords, reversed
Uhh, according to this, my desired result is becoming addicted to sleeping pills. Well, there is no doubt that I don’t sleep well. I have a strange sleep schedule, and it effects every aspect of me. It’s not good, and I have to change it.

7. Self-Image: Page of Swords
This page is curious. She is sometimes annoying and gets under people’s skin, but she is a good problem solver, she is smart, and she can be an overachiever or slacker, depending on what she is presented with.
Holy crap, I think 99% of my teachers have said that exact thing!

8. How others see you: Eight of Pentacles reversed
This cars suggests that I’m a nitpicker or a perfectionist. I’ve never seen those qualities in myself, so I’m not sure...

9. Hopes and fears: The Hierophant reversed
This is my fear: it shows that I’m in a rut with religious work and that is one place I don’t want to be. This card suggests that giving up routines or thinking out of the box is going to be beneficial.

10. Outcome: Wheel of Fortune
This card shows that something beyond my control will happen. It could be good, it could be bad, but either way I need to make the most of it.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Mayan Tarot: Ritual Worries

I addressed the Mayan God Hunab Ku in this reading, to help me understand my upcoming ritual, which is a giant smash-up of at least 4 different cultures, not including musical accompaniment.

1. The inner and sacred spirit-The Mad Minstrel (The Fool)
The Mad Minstrel dances to the beat of his own drum. He stakes out his own path, completely different from the tribe. And he loves it. To others, the Mad Minstrel is crazy, but he is the one they will come to for advice. The Mad Minstrel has strong intuition.
The Mad Minstrel is me. I’m staking out my own religion (that sounded a bit too cult-y, didn’t it?) Taking elements of things that I know and love, and filling in the rest with modern Wicca. Some Pagans will tell you that this is crazy and I’m never going to truly be in touch with the Divine, but, like the Mad Minstrel, I have great intuition.

2. The East-A Messenger (Page of Cups) Reversed
When the Page of Cups is reversed, it represents a “Jack of All Trades”, someone with a lot of shallow knowledge about many topics. I feel this way a lot regards to my upcoming ritual. The East position symbolizes that something here must be followed to a solution.
Perhaps this means that I shouldn’t worry about this knowledge, for it is actually a good thing I know so much about many topics, because then I can work with them in a ritual context, and see which I should develop further.

3. The West-A Traveler (Three of Wands)
This card says that, in order to prepare for a journey, one must always look ahead to check for any difficulties and gather supplies. Hah! I love to gather Pagan supplies. I’m obsessed with it.
The Western position symbolizes things that are in your way. This is a big one. I recently ordered a ton of statues, incense, and some other things from Sacred Mists. I love this store very much, but they don’t update their website quite like they should. Anyway, I’m freaking out because one thing I really need for one of my altars was backordered to June 1st. It’s now been 5 days and it hasn’t shipped yet. And, it’s very safe to say I’m freaking out. In total, there are 6 things backordered, and they are all pretty important. Perhaps this is what’s getting in my way. If my items aren’t here by June 20th, I’ll be a mess and I think I’ll have a hard time with the ritual itself. It seems really silly when I put it out on paper, but there it is.

4. The North-Protected Traveler (Five of Wands)
The five of wands shows a tired traveller, deep in the forest away from his home. He is not scared, however, he is confident that the Gods will protect him.
The North position is hidden wisdom, or something actively forgotten due to a jumble of other things. In this case, I seem to forget that my Patron deities (ironically, one is Mayan) will look out for me in the context of this ritual. I may not have all my “goodies” from SM, but they will help me remember that, in the long run, it’s about a connection to the Gods, not the items, and I can call upon other Gods, even if I don’t have a statue for them.

5. The South-Hunab Ku (Nine of Swords)
This card represents controlling emotions and thinking logically, which in this case is considered good. This card also represents reflection. This card says that every reflection or meditation will be fruitful.
The South position represents the conduct which I will need to adapt for the ritual. Though I should not just be “going through the motions”, being overly emotional and nervous about it won’t do me any good. Relaxation exercises will probably help immensely.

6. Above-Hunab Ku (Eight of Cups)
Another representation of Hunab Ku, the God who I called upon at the beginning of this. This card represents the life force of all. It is the balance and maturity of the soul.
The above position represents divine energies and the higher spiritual influences, and help from the Gods. This card, from what I can tell, then states that this ritual is going to be a first step to religious maturity. Already, after June 21st, I have plans for an eclipse ritual for the full solar eclipse taking place in July.

7. Below-Fans of Passion (Six of Cups)
Uhh...let me just copy word-for-word from the book... “Cherish the memory of your lover’s erotic embrace and continue to fan the fires of passion.”
Well, I don’t have a lover!
The Below position represents the primordial instinct and influence of the body.
Well, you don’t get much more primal than sex, but I’m honestly not thinking about it at all. Relationships, though they are nice, I don’t feel like I need right now.
This one needs a bit more thinking on my part. Any ideas?