Tuesday, March 16, 2010

UFO Tarot: Planet Spread

This spread was modified from a spread that came with my UFO Tarot deck. TO get full information about it, read The Planet Spread.

1. The sun-Knave of Pentacles
This card is basically a “slow and steady wins the race” sort of card. It tells us that long time steadfastness is better than quick bursts of energy and strength. This really does describe me, as I can focus on things for a long time and feel like I get more done that way.

2. Mercury-Five of Wands
This card means that I need to be wary of working in groups. The card represents that one single indecision in a group setting can jeopardise things. I need to be cautious when I’m in groups now.

3. Venus-The Fool
This card represents risk. I think it’s saying that I need to take a risk and just jump in and have fun. This may be hard for me because I’m very cautious.

4. Earth-Five of Swords
This means I’m not sharing my actual work ideas effectively. I want to open a business and I don’t know if people quite understand what I’m doing. I think I need to communicate my ideas better.

5. Mars-The Magician
I think I need to hold back when discussing certain things. Though, people I’ve met are very open about what I have to say, I’m sure I’ll find some people who think I’m crazy. I need to learn how to say things with tact and respect instead of attacking them. Then I’m no better than a fundie. I need to use willpower to hold myself back.

6. Jupiter-Six of Swords
This position is about goals, and the card symbolizes that I may have to sacrifice things to gain my full potential. As the aliens are getting off the mothership, I think this card may have to do with moving. I don’t really want to move, I want to work in this town. I like it here.

7. Saturn-Ten of Cups
This card represents making great things out of hard situations. I expect this means some of my greatest creative work (makeup, photomanips, whatever) are going to be done under times of complete and utter stress or exhaustion.

8. Uranus-Five of Pentacles
Uranus represents fear. This card means to face and overcome fears to gain true happiness. I think I need to “grow up” and not be afraid of things like being alone or sleeping alone.

9. Neptune-Four of Pentacles
I think this card represents my desire to be seen for who I am on the inside and not my frightened and strange outside. My appearance doesn’t represent who I am at all, and I don’t think a lot of people want to break through my cold shell.

10. Pluto-Ace of Pentacles
The booklet says this for this card: “Gain should fit the need”. I’m not exactly sure what this means, especially when it comes to changes. If anyone has any ideas, let me know.