Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Anubis Oracle-Right Timing and Direction

This spread is interesting to me because you don't read the cards separately, you read the rows.
I inquired to how to keep up my goals for Pagan Pride and start to get my faith bath

Row One-The Star
The Srow signifies what I know and how to integrate it into my life.
The Sphinx card comes up a lot for me, and I think it's helped me realize that I am drawn to being a teacher of this sort of thing. It is the card of the Earth, as is the pyramid card at the start of the row. The Anubis card signifies Shamans. Along with the Sekhmet card, meaning transformation, the two middle cards are very blunt and obvious to me.
This row is reaffirming my beliefs in teaching and Shamanism as key roles to my spiritual life.

Row Two-The Moon
The Moon row reflects where I am now.
The first card here is Osiris, signifying regeneration. This does fit because I'm just getting back to how I was, which I missed. In this row as well is Set, the shadow self. I was very in-tune with the shadow self during my crisis of faith. I felt utterly alone. The final card in the row, Geb and Nut, signify wholeness. As I've begun to do religious work again, I've been feeling whole. Today I did a post about Ostara, and felt great. Khunum is a master craftsman. This card is usually used to mean new beginnings, especially shamanic or religious ones.
This row is staying I'm going in the right direction, and if I keep at it, my faith can only grow.

Row Three-The Sun
The Sun row is showing the future as I continue to grow.
I want to read these ones in order. The first card, Ma'at, symbolizes truth and balance. It also symbolizes radiance. As I continue to grow, I can only get more balanced and radiant in learning, and that sort of joy tends to be infectious. Bast, on the other hand, symbolizes desire. Though this card can have a very explicit sexual meaning, I find it more to be a card of Holy desire. It's the desire to be filled with faith. Khonsu is a Lunar card. The card is said to represent "divine timing", which I do think means I will somehow just be "a natural" at this. The final card, the Dove, is called the "initiate" card. I think this means that once I start to learn and grow, I'll begin to take on initiates and be a teacher. I'm already beginning to plan that out with my career.