Friday, April 16, 2010

Animals Divine: Stop Bottling Emotions Up

1. Gama Sennin-King of Wands (Reversed)
This card represents a lack of understanding between two people.

2. Yhi-Knight of Wands
This card is determination. It helps you to overcome feelings and fight through stagnation.

3. Horus-The Sun
This card is a happy card. It shows the reconciliation between two forces. This card represents celebration.

Overall: I’ve been having some inter-personal problems with a friend of mine. She is awesome and I love her, but sometimes she gets under my skin. Last night I decided to write it all out in a neat and orderly form. The first card here represents that inter-personal problem. We have a lack of understanding, and we need to work things out. Maybe some of it is all in my head, I don’t know. I wanted to get my feelings out, and then we can discuss them. The second card is sort of my personal card in this. Yhi is the Goddess who is going to help me actually give this letter to me friend. She is going to help me with my determination, because I’m usually incredibly polite and hate doing this sort of thing. Card three is the (hopeful) outcome. We get all of our feelings out, we talk through it, and we come to a happy conclusion, which would then call for celebration.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Mystic Faerie Tarot: Combating Fear

1. What you need to know most about what you fear: Queen of Swords
This card symbolizes being true to your emotions. Though you may feel like shutting down emotions when you’re nervous and ignoring the pit in your stomach, it’s more beneficial to listen to your feelings, but think with your head, other than listening with your head, and thinking with your heart.

2. What aspect of your fear is real: Six of Cups
There is something missing from my life, that I used to have in this past. I think this card represents the fact that I’m not really practising my religion at home on a day-to-day basis, I’m a little obsessed with getting everything first. So, I’m living in the past, when my room was pretty much spiritually safe. Now wandering spirits can come in.

3. How you can combat it: Judgement
This card represents that there is something you can be doing. In my case, I think it’s that I’m not doing anything with religion anymore, and my room is that of an average college dorm, rather than a relaxing place for me to escape and keep sacred.

4. What aspect of your fear is an illusion: Six of Pentacles
This card represents that it’s okay to accept help. I think I’m almost afraid to call on spirits for help because I don’t want to seem like a bother. So, that adds another level of fear: one of being an annoyance. This card is showing me that I don’t need to be afraid of that anymore.

5. How you can banish the illusion: Three of Swords
This card traditionally symbolizes getting in touch with your sadness and mourn a loss properly. I think in my case, it’s telling me to get in touch with my emotions in general. Maybe using them as a catalyst to form a tighter relationship with my patron deities, instead of just calling on them when I’m scared.

6. What you fear most: The Priestess
This card is telling me to immerse myself in my religion. I think I’ve always been a little wary of practising what the books say. I love my religion dearly, but when it comes to thinks like rituals, especially with more than one person around, I feel silly. I mean...”smart” people don’t have religions, they think more logically. I fear both losing my religion, and making a fool of myself by saying I’m a Pagan. I think this is a very deep fear I have, more deep than what the rest of this reading has been about: my fear of the dark.

7. How you can overcome it: Wheel of Fortune
This card represents learning to understand the cycle of life. We will all have days of fear, and days of being perfectly alright. As soon as I understand this concept, I’ll be able to feel more at ease in the dark.

8. What you will learn by overcoming this fear: Temperance
When I conquer my fear of the dark, I’ll be able to have a blissful, stress-free falling asleep time. It can take me a while to fall asleep, no matter how tired I am, so having that time be relaxing would be really awesome.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Heart of Faerie Oracle-Good Day

Indicator-35, Bright Spark
Like the title of this card suggests, it is the card of an idea. This is the “spark of genius”, as it were. It can be hard to communicate my ideas today, so I need to have a bit of creativity to go with it.

1. 4-The Queen of the Day
This card represents blessing. When this card is drawn, today will be a blessed day. Everything I do will have a blessing from the Queen of the Day. She also symbolizes the return of light to darkness.

2. 23-The Heartless Love
This card often symbolizes romantic relationships, but I’m thinking it symbolizes friendships today. This card means that someone is being “left behind” and someone is being incredibly non-caring. I think I’m being the non-caring one.

3. 22-The Maiden
Ah, the Maiden. Everyone tells me I’m a “Maiden”. This is the card of endless possibilities. This card is telling me to not lock my emotions away and always honour my Maiden qualities.

Overall: I think after a few really bad days, I’m going to have a good one.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Mayan Tarot: Recharge

1. Ace of Cups -Reversed
This is the card of stagnation. All the yummy drink is falling out of the cup, leaving you with an empty chalice.

2. The Sacrificed (The Hanged Man)-Reversed
This card represents a lack of commitment toward a goal. The booklet that goes with this deck suggests that my consciousness will be altered in order to understand higher truths.

3. Four of Swords-Reversed
This card represents forced retreat and depression, particularly against the forces of the jungle in this deck.

This reading doesn’t make a lot of sense to me, so I asked my Patron Mayan God, Cama Zotz, to pull a card for me. It’s not pictured.

He gave me two, obviously to be read together.
Three of Pentacles and Ace of Wands (reversed)
The Three of Pentacles represents storing energy in order to share. The Reversed Ace of Wands represents energy and strength coming from within.

Overall: Together, these cards mean I need to “recharge” in order to share what I have learned, or am learning, with the world.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Quantum Tarot: School

No image today, sorry.

1. Pulsar-Nine of Wands
This card represents monotony and routine. Now that I’m done Gina’s and a more “traditional” trade, I can do all the “fun” things like crystal therapy. I’m done with routine, because I’m studying at home, I can set my hours.

2. Radioactivity-Seven of Swords
This card represents planning and not being spontaneous. I can’t take the “American” approach to problems: I can’t go in guns blazing and hope to hit something. I need to take my time, and really understand things. I think this may have to do with my new courses. I’m taking it slow and planning, and I think that’s going to help me in the long run.

3. Galaxy Cluster-Three of Wands
This card represents big dreams and planning on finding them. This card means that we can have our dreams come true, we just need to be able to take the time, and do what we need to do. I’m getting a job soon, there is a brand new Shoppers Drug Mart going up near my house, and when I do freelance makeup, or Reiki when I’m certified, I’ll charge just a little bit of money, and put it all directly into a bank account for my future business.
In fact, I’m going to talk to my dad about getting me a business account.

This was a school reading I think. It basically told me things I know, but it did remind me to talk to my dad about getting a bank account to start saving for a business. Not one of those stupid student accounts, but a legit bank account, one that actually gives me interest.