Sunday, September 12, 2010

Anubis Oracle-Tree of Life

1. Set-Shadow
Card one refers to where I’m coming from. Set represents the shadows. This card refers to dispelling negativity. In this regard, Set serves as a scapegoat, taking the blame for past mistakes and darkness and helping overcome them.
2. The Crested Ibis-Air
Position two represents what it will take to be at peace with the transformation. The Air card obviously represents the element of Air. This card is also symbolic of communication. I think this means to be at peace, I need to be able to express my ideas. I’ve already started to do this.
3. The Sphinx-Divine Messenger
Card three represents the motivation. The Sphinx card comes up a lot. It’s about knowing everything, and accessing ancient knowledge.
4. Nekhbet-Mother-Mut-Alchemist
Card four is about my highest potential future. This card is about learning from the elders, activating your sacred path. To me, it seems to be a shamanistic awakening.