Friday, November 26, 2010

Revelations Tarot-Just In Case 1

I'm doing a big ol' ritual here tomorrow relating to some issues in my past. It's lucky that THIS spread came up, because it's perfect.

1. Actual Situation-Six of Cups
The Six of Cups in this deck represents painful memories from my past, specifically my childhood. These are all bad experiences that need to be resolved.
Heh, how fitting with the childhood abuse...

2. Past-Six of Swords
This card represents a journey and not an easy one. The situation of my birth do correlate with a stressful journey, particularly a spiritual one. This card also represents guilt, which is something to the abuse. The book actually says "There may be a sense of guilt from abandonment or a sense of failure from the damage sustained."For the longest time I DID feel damaged.

3. Future-Ten of Cups
This is the card of happiness in the home environment. My ritual for tomorrow is about creating a safe haven in my bedroom. I like this card, because it's showing my efforts won't be in vain, and will make me happy, at least in this one space, so I can work on dealing with the abuse.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Egyptian Tarot-Card of the Day Variation

This variation is a card of the day, with a foundation card pulled from the bottom of the deck.

1. Ace of Pentacles-The Glory f Ra
This card talks of winning and success. I feel like I did accomplish something and am successful in something very important (I don't want to go into details, but it did have to deal with an abusive situation). Even if it's been hell on everyone that knows, in the end, it was really a good thing.

2. King of Wands-Lord of Fertility
This card represents help received. Again, this relates a lot to the other situation. Here, it's saying that my foundation for not being MORE of a mess with this is the help from my sister with this.

This reading feels really optimistic for a really terrible situation. I'm happy with this, and it feels like, well, things will turn out alright.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Heart of the Faerie Oracle-Single Card Pull

Bright Spark is a card of inspiration and ideas.

In the darkness, there is always one spark of light and it lets you conquest fears or figure things out. My darkness is finally ending and I'm seeing a light at the end of this tunnel. Saturday beings a new day of my life, and this Bright Spark is just growing and growing and helping illuminate things around me. Things I never really knew or understood before.

Seeing this card made me feel strong and ready to take things on.

I feel like an adult again.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Anubis Oracle-Alchemy

Last reading for this book. Tomorrow started the book "The Complete Book of Tarot Spreads", where I'll be using decks besides this one.

This reading is all about your elements.

Card One-Water
This card represents my ally. What's interesting here is that my ally is a solar deity, and the card represents the sun. My patron god, Quetzalcoatl, also is represented by the sun. I've missed Him recently, so I think this is showing that he is still my ally.

Card Two-Earth
Card two represents structure and what I physically need. In the Earth position, I have a card that represents the Earth Altar. The Sphinx comes up a lot for me, being the card of unlocking mysteries. Physically, I have to keep unlocking mysteries. I think getting back on track with daily readings will help.

Card Three-Fire
This card represents transformation. Wadjet represents total purification and spiritual awakening. I think this is saying I need to go on a major cleanse, inside and out. Oh...that'll be fun...

Card Four-Air
This position represents how to find knowledge. Ma'at is the Goddess of Truth. By finding what holds true to me, I will find knowledge.

Card Five-Spirit
The final card represents my spirit's goal. The card here, Nephthys, is the card of the High Priestess. This seems pretty obvious to me and just confirms a lot of what I want in my life.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Anubis Oracle-Sacred Purpose

This spread is intended to help you get back on your life's path. Seeing as I had a major crisis of faith recently and am just getting back to the swing of things in my life, this spread is really fitting.

The first card indicates the overarching theme of my purpose. In this position, Set as the trickster is about bringing the hidden to light and acknowledging it. My purpose is to learn and know everything, I think, as learning brings the hidden to light.

Card two represents my foundation. The card here, the Dove, is the card of innocence. You know how little kids always ask questions? Yeah, I never outgrew that, I just learned when to keep my mouth shut. My foundation is that I have that innocence, that craving for knowledge.

The third card is what I am becoming. Card three is Khepera, the spiral dancer. Khepera teaches us to be more aware of the energies around us, and how to use them for the good. This is saying that I'm going to become someone who can read these subtle energies and harness them. Like, oh I don't know, a Shaman perhaps?

The final card is the card that represents my Sacred self. The Ibis represents the air element. The air element is connected to intellect and communication. I think this primal, sacred self is the self that is willing and able to, well, spread knowledge.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Anubis Oracle-Right Timing and Direction

This spread is interesting to me because you don't read the cards separately, you read the rows.
I inquired to how to keep up my goals for Pagan Pride and start to get my faith bath

Row One-The Star
The Srow signifies what I know and how to integrate it into my life.
The Sphinx card comes up a lot for me, and I think it's helped me realize that I am drawn to being a teacher of this sort of thing. It is the card of the Earth, as is the pyramid card at the start of the row. The Anubis card signifies Shamans. Along with the Sekhmet card, meaning transformation, the two middle cards are very blunt and obvious to me.
This row is reaffirming my beliefs in teaching and Shamanism as key roles to my spiritual life.

Row Two-The Moon
The Moon row reflects where I am now.
The first card here is Osiris, signifying regeneration. This does fit because I'm just getting back to how I was, which I missed. In this row as well is Set, the shadow self. I was very in-tune with the shadow self during my crisis of faith. I felt utterly alone. The final card in the row, Geb and Nut, signify wholeness. As I've begun to do religious work again, I've been feeling whole. Today I did a post about Ostara, and felt great. Khunum is a master craftsman. This card is usually used to mean new beginnings, especially shamanic or religious ones.
This row is staying I'm going in the right direction, and if I keep at it, my faith can only grow.

Row Three-The Sun
The Sun row is showing the future as I continue to grow.
I want to read these ones in order. The first card, Ma'at, symbolizes truth and balance. It also symbolizes radiance. As I continue to grow, I can only get more balanced and radiant in learning, and that sort of joy tends to be infectious. Bast, on the other hand, symbolizes desire. Though this card can have a very explicit sexual meaning, I find it more to be a card of Holy desire. It's the desire to be filled with faith. Khonsu is a Lunar card. The card is said to represent "divine timing", which I do think means I will somehow just be "a natural" at this. The final card, the Dove, is called the "initiate" card. I think this means that once I start to learn and grow, I'll begin to take on initiates and be a teacher. I'm already beginning to plan that out with my career.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Anubis Oracle-Higher Love and Wisdom

As you may or may not be aware of, I had a huge spiritual crisis that I’m just beginning to overcome. It’s serendipitous that the next spread on my to-do list was one that could help with the question on how I need to keep recovering.

My question is: How do I get back on track with my spirituality.

1. Outer expression of Love-The Desert
This is the card of rebirth and it’s represented as a painful process. This is very true, it has been a very painful process to me. I’ve been pushed down to the lowest of the low and I’m just climbing out of it. This makes sense with my spiritual crisis.
2. Hidden expression of Love-The Nile
Aha, water…my own element where I feel most at ease. This card is all about returning to the primal waters of the unknown and developing trust. By opening myself up to this element and to being to trust myself, I think that this crisis can come to a less violent resolution.
3. Outer Expression of the Challenge-Khepera
This card is about handling energies. I think it means I can’t take on too many things at once. I have to drop something. I’ve already done this. I was going to complete the NaNoWriMo, but it’s proved too much with everything else happening.
4. Hidden Expression of the Challenge-Sothis
This is warning me about despairing again. I have to rise to the challenge and tackle it. I think this is saying there may be more challenges ahead, but I must remain calm and faithful.
5. Visible actions I must take-Nekhbet-Mother-Mut
I must embark on a journey to reclaim the true self. That’s what the book says. Pretty straightforward.
6. Hidden actions I must take-Amun-Ra
I must radiate in the world around me. I need to dive in and embody solar energies. I need to stand up for myself, even if I stand alone and preach to no one. I must stay true to the true self and follow my own path.