Friday, July 2, 2010

UFO Tarot-Planet Messengers

1. Mercury-News-Four of Pentacles
This card says that things are not always as they appear and cold exteriors hide warm interior ones. I don’t know if this relates to me or someone I know. Usually, I’m the one that is cold and calculating.
2. Venus-Love-The Sun
In matters dealing with love (I’m assuming this means self love as well), I should take an innocent approach. Study and reason, and logic, aren’t going to help me understand what I want.
3. Earth-Word-The Fool
This card says that when it comes to work, I need to be able and willing to take risks. Just like with the Venus card, calculation isn’t going to help me.
4. Mars-Conflicts-The Tower
When it comes to conflicts, I have to be able to change people’s minds. This really hit me today: I’ve had a rough day with the online community, so this card is really standing out.
5. Jupiter-Goals-Ace of Pentacles
This card is warning me against excess. I have to be able to understand what I need in terms of goal-setting. If I overachieve, though with the best intentions, unforeseen consequences are a risk.
6. Saturn-Creativity-Five of Swords
In creative matters, I need to be wary of what I’m feeling, particularly if I’m feeling outcast or insignificant. Hex could tell you all about my recent writing project and how, uh, well it’s going, but there is still the smallness. I think I need to be on the watch for that.
7. Uranus-Fears-Six of Pentacles
The Pentacle suit of this deck has aliens that look like the prawns from District 9. Everyone around me knows all about my recent, uh....fascination with that movie.
This card is speaking to me. It’s all about making sure others around you have the same fears and thus, you can become like a group. My biggest fear is that I’m the only one of something and that fear is an incredibly powerful one at times. Like today.
8. Neptune-Desires-Three of Wands
The book says “Passion and tenderness appear to clash only for those who do not know true feelings”. To be blunt, I’m not exactly sure what that even means.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Mayan Tarot-Dealing with Family

1. The Centre-The Star: The Astronomer
The centre card represents who I am. It’s no secret that in a few months I’ll be taking an astrology course, but this card strikes me in another way. It’s pretty. The art work is stunning.
The Star card is a woman who is able to see the future because she is an observer. I’ve often said of myself that I’m an observer. Future predicting? Well, maybe forecasting, but not predicting. I do try though.

2. The East-The Hermit-The Wanderer in the Wild
The east card represents the start of my path.
The hermit cards looks to me like a shaman. As I understand it, becoming a shaman, particularly for a race you don’t belong to, is damn near impossible. Still, I’d like to become something akin to a shaman in my life. I want to be a healer, a teacher, and a religious leader. Perhaps I’m more suited for “Medicine Woman”. I’m already taking the steps towards that.

3. The West-Five of Wands
The west card is the entity that wants to stop me. This seems odd, because this card represents a weary traveler who knows he will be provided for.
In a sense, I can sort of see my aunt as this card. She is often weary. Every Sunday when she is over, we are told stories of how the people at her job are morons (posts, as she calls them), but she has a cushy salary and pension. She always tells me to forget all this nonsense and go to university.

4. The North-Seven of Wands
The north card is the challenge I must overcome, I think send from the west card. This card says that instinct is the key. I’ve always had good instinct, I just never listened to it. Hex and I came up with a whole theory based on my instinct (Spirit Revulsion Theory, I think it was). I guess no matter what my family throws at me, I have to hold my ground and be assured that the Gods will provide for me. Maybe it means a good blog with income, maybe it means marrying rich (I doubt that one), maybe it means becoming a Pagan lecturer and teacher, maybe it just means having a good Pagan supply shop in town.

5. The South-Death-The God Ahpuch
The south position is where change takes place, from one phase of life to the next. The Death card is perfect in this place, as it reaffirms change. This says that I need to overcome fears to hatch anew. What I think is I have to overcome prejudice. I should be able to tell my extended family that I want to be a Pagan teacher and not have my mother or anyone else try to censer me. If it means severing ties with my family, I have to be prepared to do that.

6. Above-Nine of Swords
The above card is the cosmic gift and support from the Gods, to help me arrive at the eastern position. This card tells me to stop and pay attention to the Gods. Every spell, every ritual, every simple meditation, every tarot reading—everything—will be beneficial in the long run. I will never receive no answer, I just have to be patient.

7. Below-Four of Swords
The below card represents the forces of nature and primal instincts. This card represents solving an “enigma”, as they put it in the book. One of my very basic natures is to be curious. I think this is saying that I need to keep using that to my advantage, as it can only help.