Thursday, November 18, 2010

Anubis Oracle-Sacred Purpose

This spread is intended to help you get back on your life's path. Seeing as I had a major crisis of faith recently and am just getting back to the swing of things in my life, this spread is really fitting.

The first card indicates the overarching theme of my purpose. In this position, Set as the trickster is about bringing the hidden to light and acknowledging it. My purpose is to learn and know everything, I think, as learning brings the hidden to light.

Card two represents my foundation. The card here, the Dove, is the card of innocence. You know how little kids always ask questions? Yeah, I never outgrew that, I just learned when to keep my mouth shut. My foundation is that I have that innocence, that craving for knowledge.

The third card is what I am becoming. Card three is Khepera, the spiral dancer. Khepera teaches us to be more aware of the energies around us, and how to use them for the good. This is saying that I'm going to become someone who can read these subtle energies and harness them. Like, oh I don't know, a Shaman perhaps?

The final card is the card that represents my Sacred self. The Ibis represents the air element. The air element is connected to intellect and communication. I think this primal, sacred self is the self that is willing and able to, well, spread knowledge.