Sunday, January 31, 2010

Mystic Faerie: Art

1. Three of Pentacles
This card represents doing things you love that make you happy. I have been kind of sitting around not doing anything recently, but I really want to try to do some space art because I love space. I think today this means I need to do things I love, and practise painting space art.

2. Ace of Swords
This is a card of challenge. Again, this relates to space art. I’m not a “good” drawer, I don’t have the right eye for it, as it were. I’m good at photo manipulation, but that took about two years of practise. Now, I’m going to start digital painting of space, and it’s a big challenge. So, I have to learn to cope with the challenge and not get frustrated if I’m not as good as one of the “pros” right away.

3. Five of Wands
This card represents compromise. I think it means that I have to not tell myself I’m just terrible at art, and admit that I’m just learning. Space is a bit subject, and I have to keep looking at legit photos from NASA and art from the pros and learn their styles. If I’m really confused, I just have to work through it.

So, like I said, I’ve been scouring the internet for things about space art, which is a combination (usually) of photo manipulation and digital paining. So, I’m going to take today to learn how to do space art. I have to go slowly and not make myself crazy about it, which I tend to do if things aren’t perfect. The reading today tells me not to be hard on myself, and I’m going to do m best not to. I am just learning, and, trust me, if I can learn to make makeup even, I can learn to paint nebulas.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Necronomicon Tarot: Do The Altar, It'll Make You Feel Better

1. Two of Wands
This card symbolizes what appears to be some kind of ritual. Though the cad has no religious connotation, aside from what appears to be a ritual, I think this is a card of ritual. The Wiccan holiday Imbolc is coming up on Tuesday, and I’ve been debating on planning a ritual. I think this card is telling me I should.

2. Ace of Cups
This card represents happiness and purification, despite the blood flowing imagery. The card could mean that Imbolc will be a time of renewal for me.

3. King of Disks
This card represents our handyman, believe it or not. It has nothing to do with the other cards. Our handyman is great at what he does, he just takes for bloody ever and is never on time and a whole host of other things. But, he does a good job when he is here. He did the floor in my bedroom. Anyway, the card represents a practical man who is regarded as a bit dull, which is my handyman. He’s very good at what he does, but all he talks about is rescuing cats and not being here on time. He’s supposed to be coming today, so I think the card came up in this reading because it’s on my mind.

Apart from the really random ending, I think this was a very religious reading. I’m not a Wiccan, but I tend to celebrate their holidays. I haven’t for a while because I’ve been learning everything still. A new deity has been reaching out to me, so I’m going to set up the altar on Imbolc and ask Him to indulge in the offerings I’ll be setting out (Tequila and Mexican chocolate), and give me some clue as to why He’s interested in me. I’ll link this blog to my post on Imbolc the day after, so you can see my altar set up and all that jazz.

The random last card? Let me put it this way: we love our handyman, he does great work. When he actually comes and does the work. He’s always late and doesn’t know how to manage time, so we get really frustrated by him. That’s been on everyone’s mind, because he’s supposed to be here today (he was supposed to be here half an hour ago).

Friday, January 29, 2010

Mystic Dreamer: Another Work Spread

1. Queen of Wands
This represents a women who is full of ideas, particularly creative ones. I just came from school, and my dad and I talked about what I was doing with my life. I’m doing holistic care, Reiki mainly, and we don’t have much like that around here. The sphinxes at the base of the Queen represent the theme for my centre (Egyptian/Aztec, so rich gold tones, lots of natural stone, ect). The sunflower represents optimism.

2. Knight of Pentacles
This card represents steadfast patience and getting things done. This is also the card or organization. This card indicates planning and following through with things.

3. The Fool (Reversed)
When reversed, this card indicates not paying attention to the “now”. It represents looking for far ahead, you can’t see right in front of you.

Another business reading! I’m so excited about planning my own business that I’m not paying attention to the skills I have to learn. The reading indicates that I have great ideas, and I will get it done, but if I keep looking so far ahead, I’m going to miss out on my base. I need to learn to focus and not think so far ahead.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Mayan Tarot: It's Time To Re-Evaluate Relationships

1. Three of Swords
This card represents a separation. The image on the card is said to be realization through a mystical experience. I think the card is telling me that I need to meditate/go on a spiritual journey to find out what I must do.

2. The God Ahpuch-Death (reversed)
This card always symbolises change. When upright, it’s usually a good change, but when reversed, the change will be painful. The card is warning me that new changes in my life will not come easily.

3. The Queen of the Maya-The Empress
This represents a woman that will not be chained by tradition. Many Empress cards I own show a pregnant woman, this card does not. In fact, this card doesn’t even mean pregnancy. This is the card of womanhood without the need to bear children. She is powerful, right alongside men. She is not the type to be bought or sold: she does not fall for false charms and she is not dominated. This, though I’ve said it a million times before, is my ideal woman. This is who I want to be when I grow up.

I’ve recently had some problems with my friends reacting to certain views of mine (religiously, socially, ect.) so if I want to move on and start to feel better, I have to get rid of these relationships, either talk it out so we come to an understanding, or end the entire thing. This is what the Three of Swords represents. The Death card shows that it will be hard for me to do, and it has been, but it is for my benefit. If I cannot be myself, then why should I hold onto things?
The Empress card represents a major fighting point within this relationship. I don’t want to name any names here, but if you’re reading this, you have a good idea of who you are. Like I said, we need to talk, but I’ll do it on my own terms, I’ll come to you.
Anyway, the reading represents I need to sort out these problems, and they can’t be brushed off with a “yeah okay”, or going straight for my throat.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Mystic Faerie: Confusing.

1. The Hermit (Reversed)
This card when it’s reversed means that what you are doing alone isn’t working. The card symbolizes excessive isolation. The card shows that I need to lighten up and not be so anti-social, but still remain cautious as this is the time for people to prey on vulnerabilities.

2. The Sun
This card symbolizes happiness and joy. It symbolizes that everything will work out.

3. Two of Swords
This card represents a choice. I have to decide if certain relationships are worth keeping. The card tells us that we have to be honest, and if the other people can accept this, the relationship can and probably will work out, all others will make your life better.

Today I’m feeling a bit scattered, which is reflected in the reading. I really don’t know how to connect these all. I’m rather worried about a few things, so we’ll just have to see what happens.
Hopefully tomorrow I feel better.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Quantum Tarot: Business Plans

1. Cassiopeia (Queen of Swords)
This card literally fell out of the deck. She represents a strong, independent woman, who is not afraid to be her own woman. She goes against the grain. I think this represents the woman I’d like to become, and am on the path to becoming.

2. The Strong Force (The Emperor)
This card represents unity and binding small pieces to create the whole, as illustrated by the atom image on the card. To me, this card does not represents a man in a leadership position, the card’s traditional meaning, but it represents smaller pieces coming together to achieve a whole. I think it means that I will have to work piece by piece, inch by inch to achieve a goal. I have to start small to get big.

3. Gluon (Ace of Pentacles)
Gluon is a carrier particle for the Strong Force (see above card). These cards are, therefore, linked. This card represents the first “bond”, the first two small pieces bound together to make something bigger. It is my first step.

4. Galaxy Formation (Eight of Pentacles)
This card represents my schooling, time spend in workshops and trades. I’m still in the beginning of my makeup course, and soon I’ll be studying aromatherapy and Reiki, all forming my skill base for my future business.

Extra Card: Time Pull
I randomly pulled this card of the deck to get a rough estimate on how long it will be until I open up my business. Hence, it won’t be pictured.
Page of Swords: This tends to mean “eleven”, but the suit sword tends to be “undetermined”. I’m hoping to open my business by the time I’m 21 (that’s two years), so I think the “eleven” symbolizes my birth month, November. I think it may mean that by my birthday, I’ll have the skills to open a business.

Business has been on my mind a lot. I want to run my own Reiki studio with aromatherapy, wellness makeup artistry, and possibly some other metaphysical things like tarot reading as other services. Today I just woke up and was all in a dither about what to name this business.
A lot of women talk about motherhood weighing down on them, getting “baby rabies” where they just want to have children as soon as possible. I have “business rabies” where I just want to achieve this goal and run a business. Today’s reading really put that into focus for me.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Mayan: Three-in-One!

1. King of Wands (inverted)
This card, upright, indicates wisdom. Reversed, it means you have a hard time relating to other people’s opinions and views, and it is a rather ruthless card. The figure on the card looks very serious. This card symbolizes viewpoints as well. This could mean that I’ll encounter some views today that starkly contrast my own.

2. Five of Wands
This card shows a traveler who is weary, but is sure he is protected. He almost is like a pilgrim. This card shows, then, a dangerous journey. However, like I said before, he is protected, possibly by whatever deity he is making a pilgrimage for. I think this means I need to pay attention for signs for deities or other spirits that are protecting me.

3. Seven of Cups (Reversed)
This card has another representation of Quetzalcoatl (under the name Kukulkan) on it. The card means, upright, to follow Kukulkan and find utopia and inner creativity. I think because this is reversed, I need to start working on art more. I haven’t been feeling at all creative, though I have a lot of artsy projects I’d like to work on, from the basic (creating a shadowbox) to the more complex (cross stitching and photomanipulation). I think this card is telling me to get back on track.

It’s almost like I had three different one-card pulls here. Not that it’s a bad thing! I think instead of reading these cards as a group, I need to listen to each one individually.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Necronomicon Tarot: Health and Happiness

I've been on a huge H.P. Lovecraft kick but not on purpose, so it's really funny to me that I randomly drew out this deck.

1. The state of your health in the past-Five of Wands
This card symbolizes that my health has always been in strife. This is really true, until very recently I was always stuffed up because of my pressure on my sinuses from my wisdom teeth. When dealing with health the card means to take stock of everything, and in the past I never did, until my wisdom teeth were removed.

2. Current state of your health-Vig (The World
This card means getting things done. I think that with my health it means that soon the flu season will be gone and I’ll start feeling a lot better. We’ve had a weird winter, and I’ve been sort of under the weather for a while, not really sick, but like when sickness comes on. I think that this card means that soon I’ll begin to start making an upturn.
The thing I’ve noticed with this card is the coils of a snake, they are bent. In my makeup class, I am one of the tallest, and the beds we work with are very low, and I’m constantly bending over and in back pain. I think this card shows that I may need to learn to cope with the pain because the beds are low and all that, it can’t be helped, much like how the snake is holding the egg.

3. Possible future state of your health-Shuh-Niggurath (The Empress)
This card symbolizes good health and fertility. I may not want to be fertile, but it is a sign of good health. As the female is pregnant, it symbolizes that she must be healthy. This card then represents that I will start feeling better soon. She is a wild looking woman, and the card also symbolizes that. This card could mean that I need to start getting out of the house and going places with friends in order to start feeling better.

4. What/who can help you to improve or maintain your health-Well of the Seraph(Hanged Man)
This card symbolizes waiting, and I think for how I feel that is the best course of action. I have a cold that doesn’t want to “die”, so there isn’t much I can do other than wait it out. I think the card symbolizes that I should not look for some deep, divine secret to getting rid of this cold, but just practise waiting.

5. What made you happy in the past-Six of Disks
This card symbolizes material gain. I admit, I’m a very material girl, I like having “things”. This card means that In the past buying new things made me happy.

6. What makes you happy now-Ace of Disks
Though the card still symbolizes material gain, it also means productive labour. I think I’m learning to feel accomplished by what I do, be it makeup practise, tarot readings or working on my BoS. This card means that I’m now accepting personal gains, with maybe very little physical things to show it, and not feel awful, instead of demanding some kind of reward afterwards.

7. Possible event that will make you happy in the future-Queen of Disks
This card represents a shy, mature woman. I think this is the woman I’m becoming. Yes, I’m shy, and some people may take me for granted, my intuition about things is almost never wrong, and having the polite and charmingly shy manner can make people want to trust me. The image on the card is that of a woman making a sort of potion. Since I’m going to be studying aromatherapy soon, I think this card might show that I will indeed be quite good at it.

8. What/who helps augment your sense of happiness and well-being-King of Cups
I love the Cups suit in this deck, it is Egyptian themed.
This card represents a mature man who is very empathic, and can pick up on other’s emotions and mistake them for his own. I think this represents some qualities in my ideal man, someone who is sensitive and artistic and empathic. The figure on the card appears to be doing some sort of ritual, and this man could represents a fellow Pagan I could meet with soon. The time on the picture represents midnight, with in the seasons is represented by winter, which means I will meet this man very soon, before March, or later in the year, after my birthday.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Animals Divine: Pamper Yourself Today

1. Tortoise (Ten of Wands)
This card represents multi-tasking and undue stress. I need to take stock of what I have planned for the week and make sure that I’m not doing anything “extra” that I may not need to do. I need to take stock of everything and organize my time. I don’t think today is a good day for looking ahead and planning my future, today is a good day for living in the moment.

2. Alligator (Five of Cups) Reversed
When upright, this card represents emotional upheavals that are negative and murky, like the image. Inverted, I see something else. Instead of a murky pond, I see a barrier being broken down. The card usually has negative connotations, but because of this barrier I see, I think that it can mean new discoveries.

3. Carp (Six of Cups) Reversed
This card represents renewal in it’s upright state. Reversed, it means a longing for something that is long gone. It also symbolizes vanity for what once was, even though I can never get it back. This card represents looking back instead of forward.

Today’s reading is kind of stagnant. Today there have been some rather unexpected things, though for the most part I can fully cope with the events. A lot of it has brought up some memories from the past that I really don’t want to go back to. Today, I need to focus on the positive and what’s enjoyable for me. Today is not about being an emotional sponge, giving myself undue stress.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Quantum Tarot: Good Day Today, But Watch What You Say

1. Galaxy Collision-Seven of Wands
This card represents a battle or collision. This can be a very serious interpersonal conflict. Today I’m going to see my cousin who just had some “terrible” news delivered to her. While we are going out shopping to have a good time, things always can go wrong. I think I have to watch what I say.

2. Spiral Galaxy-Ten of Cups
This card represents taking time and enjoying life. It also represents long-term happiness. Today something can happen that will make me very happy. Since I’m going to MAC to pick up a cleanser to practise with for school, I may get the knack of it and begin feeling really content about it.

3. Special Relativity- The Chariot
This card represents the power of the mind and how it affects everything. If I go out thinking today will be a good day, it will be a good day. The space ships on the card represent that anything is possible if I keep an open mind.

I like today’s reading. I have to watch what I say, but that is a small price to pay for having fun with my best friend. Today I’m going to keep an open, positive mind and see what happens. I’m going to really focus on myself and work on making myself happy.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Animals Divine Tarot: First Day of School

Today was my first day of makeup school hence the late post. I have an odd feeling that it’s what the reading is about...

1. King of Swords (Quetzalcoatl)
This is the second time this week my patron god has shown up. The first time was because I was scared, and he was showing that he was going to protect me. This version of Quetzalcoatl looks more regal. The card means authority. He is depicted as very serious and commanding. I think this card represented my expectations. I expected to be amazing and that everyone would like what I’m doing, but as it turns out I’ve still got loads to learn.

2. King of Wands (Gama Sennin) Reversed
This card symbolizes taking risks. Inverted to me it’s saying not to rush into things, but to take my time. This isn’t like Laurelwood, where they wanted Better Faster Stronger, but I have to take my time.

3. Strength (Tara) Reversed
This card, obviously, represents courage. Reversed, to me it also means arrogance. I think I was very arrogant today when it came to learning about cleansing (my biggest problem).

I think the reading about schooling is telling me to slow down and take my time: though I know all information, I still act too quickly and too rashly, and take everything too personally. I need to slow down, gain some humility and then things will turn out how I expected them.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

UFO Tarot: Back To School

1. Two of Swords
This card represents fear and misunderstanding. See, the little Grey (alien) is getting threatened by the cop. I think this means that I have some fears about tomorrow, my first class, and I may be misunderstanding those fears.

2. Ten of Wands
This card represents considering the arguments of others to realise our desires. I’ve been doing this a lot recently. At first I only wanted to be a makeup artist, and now I’m looking into all sorts of holistic care, such as Reiki, aromatherapy and hot stone massage.

3. Nine of Wands
This card relates to lack of knowledge. This is there I am right now. In the card all the aliens are connected to a hive mind. I think this is what will happen at makeup school: we’re all learning the same things at the same pace. It’s not like high school where we all focused our energy in different places. I think this card also means I have to accept the fact that, until now, I’ve only done makeup as a hobby, and don’t really know anything.

This reading addresses my fears and ideas for makeup school. I admit fully that I am very nervous, but this reading has helped quite a bit. I think that if I keep this all in mind, especially the Nine of Wands, I’ll be able to really enjoy my experience and get a lot out of the education.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Necronomicon Tarot: Two Readings In One!

1. Temperance (The Reanimators)
This card fell neatly out, which is why I placed it about the other cards. This card represents renewal and harmony. My parents come home today, and the house finally won’t feel so scary, which I think is why the harmony card showed up. I’ve been a mess and it’s beginning to make me feel sick, so it’s going to be great having a harmonious home by tonight.

2. Justice (Spawn of Cthulhu in Sphere)
Again, this is a card of balance, like the Temperance card. I’ve had to keep the house in order with cleaning (ugh) for the past week, and today I’m finishing up the garbage. I think this card represents that, because if I don’t do it, there will be a lot of fighting, but if I do, there will be “justice” because I did it and my mom doesn’t have to.
The image on the card, the Cthulhu baby in a cage, kind of reminds me of this week. I’ve been pretty much locked up in the house, save for an hour I walked to Shoppers yesterday.

3. Knave of Wands (Overseer)
This is another young woman that represents me. She has short hair and tomorrow I’m getting my hair cut short as well. She looks like she doesn’t care what others think of her. I think this card addresses my fear of starting school on Friday. (sorry about the lensflare)

4. Tower (Great Ziggurat)
This is the card of ambition. Though it is a lighting-struck tower, it doesn’t always mean disaster, and I think in my case, it does not. This card shows a magnificent accomplishment, the Great Ziggurat. As I said before, it shows an ambition plan. I think it reflects my future plans, which are quite grand. I think I have to be cautious of course, and not get caught up in some of my family and friends dreaming.

There are two distinct readings here: the first about my parents, the second about my future.

The first reading, the one about my parents, it’s a really good reading, as everything is going to go back to normal. I’m going to start feeling like myself again.

The second reading, about my future, is really keeping some things in check. The Knave of Wands card says that I can’t care what other people think of me, as long as I keep my end goal in mind, they don’t matter in the end. The second card represents that I can’t get wrapped up with what my friends and family think of my future, because it’s doomed to fail.
I’ve only really talked about my future plans with two people, though both are supportive, one gets some very elaborate ideas (for everyone) and sometimes she doesn’t quite think everything though as well as I would hope she would. Anyway, I have to not get wrapped up in her lack of planning and foresight, but to use her ideas and plan everything else out myself.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Mystic Faerie: Shake Things Up

1. The Priest (Reversed)
This is a learning card. When this card comes up, especially reversed, it means the unorthodox approach to things, mostly religion. I haven’t really been working too hard on my USBoS, and have been working on the same document for almost three days now.

2. King of Pentacles (Reversed)
This card represents a well-known “worn” path, and someone who is materialistic. Thought the King likes to share his wealth, when reversed he doesn’t exactly do it well.

3. Five of Swords (Reversed)
This card shows that there is a problem, but I haven’t been asking the right questions to get an answer. If I keep asking, however the problem will be solved

So, I admit, I haven’t been very productive this week. I’ve been sitting around, feeling kind of depressed for most of the day. Thought today I managed to sleep in, I still feel exhausted. I think overall, if I want to get anything done, I need to shake it up. I’m considering going out this afternoon, so the cold and the exercise would wake me up. This might help me in the long run.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Mystic Dreamer:

1. Knight of Wands (Inverted)
When this card is revered, it has very similar themes to The Fool. It represents foolish action and not thinking ahead. Lisey at Pagan Thoughts gave me the idea that here, I’m going to say something I regret. On the Knight’s wand, there is a little plant growing, which I think that maybe a bit of what I say will be alright in the long run (as it does take some plants time to grow)

2. Three of Swords
This is a sad card. The swords are piercing the heart, meaning that something is going to hurt me on an emotional level. Something, possibly relating to my first card, will backfire.

3. Page of Pentacles (Inverted)
This card is the card of stinginess in both monetary matters and other matters. Inside her Pentacle, it looks like a plant is fully grown. I think this means that the little ounce of truth in what I say does “grow”. She is kind of looking at it distastefully. I think she may represent a young woman who is jealous of how what I said turned out well in the long run.

4. Five of Wands (Inverted)
This is the card of combat, but since it is reversed, it means that the competition is foolish and I should not get involved. There is an owl in the background, symbolizing wisdom and being reversed it means that I would not think things through. (This card is not pictured because I’m super lazy and didn’t want to add it in).

I think Lisey brought up some good points about me saying something stupid and having it backfire majorly. I have to really watch what I say to everyone, which can be sometimes hard for me because a lot of people, and it looks like, though maybe a bit of what I said would be good in the long run, it’s not worth the risk, especially when I pulled the Five of Wands.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Animals Divine Tarot: Syncronized Emotions

1. Seven of Swords-Crane
The crane is a symbol of focus, but he’s standing in very distorted water, with all the ripples. He is almost standing in a vortex which looks like a galaxy. The crane is standing in the center, almost looking like he’s being dragged into it. The vortex represents infinity, but I think it could also mean a “higher” sense, perhaps spiritual. I think the card means that I’ll be pulled between the spiritual and the mundane.

2. Ace of Cups-Seal
This is an emotional impulse and curiosity, The seals are curiously looking at a singular cup. It is a card of balance as well, between inner and outer emotions. Both seals are curious, but one is showing his curiosity more, so he is the representation of outer emotion, while the other is of inner emotion. They are harmonized, so it showed balance between how you act and how you feel. I think today that I won’t have to fake how I act, because how I feel on the inside and how I act on the outside will be harmonized.

3. Death-Sedna
Sedna is an Inuit Goddess, who was killed, sacrificed to the sea. This is the card of change, and also an emotional card. I think that my emotions are going to be transformed today; I’ll learn something new, experience something else, and that will mean that my emotional state will be changed.

Today I’m going to see Princess and the Frog with my aunt. This is the Disney movie with a black princess and instead of an evil “witch”, we have evil “Voodoo priests”. I’m going with my aunt, and then we are going out to dinner. I think we’ll be talking about the Voodoo in the movie, just for conversation, and we’ll discuss our views on it, and I think Paganism will come up. This will prove interesting.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Mayan Tarot: Be Careful About Indulgence

1. Ace of Wands
This is a representation of the primal force within everyone. The serpent is wrapping around the torch. I think this means that today I will access this primal force and let it free.

2. The Sun
This is an illumination card. The figure is boldly imposed against a blazing sun disk. It is made of bright colours, but there is a strip of black that looks out of place. I think this card means that I will be in the sunlight and everyone will see my strengths (the bold figure) and weaknesses (the black stripe).

3. Eight of Swords
This card shows a quetzal bird. This is the card from Quetzalcoatl (my patron deity). In bird in the image looks like he’s attempting to stop the spears so I think this is a card from Quetzalcoatl saying that he is going to protect me while my parents are away.

I think this reading is showing me that, since my friends are going to be over, I’ll have the choice to get completely drunk or not. If I do, this would be the release of the primal force. If I control myself, then I will be in control of my primal self, instead of the other way around. This also relates to the Sun card. If I don’t control the drinking, then that black stripe, the flaws, will be thrust to the spotlight.
These cards could mean me controlling the drinking in general, or of my own personal drinking.

The last card is definitely message from Quetzalcoatl. I’m home alone this week, and at night I really freak out. I was shaking really bad last night.

Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year Spread

January-Eight of Pentacles
This is the card of professionals. It shows a pillar of stability, which means that January is going to start me on my professional and stable path. I’m starting makeup school in January.

February-Two of Pentacles
This card symbolizes healing and order. I may have some growing pains, but I need to get into routine to solve them. They can be fixed with low-intensity exercise. We just got a Wii Fit board, so I think I could get into that routine by February.

March-One of Pentacles
This is a very regal cared, it shows the sun disk beaming down. This is a card of success. It looks like by March, I’ll have some sort of success in something.

April-The Hanged Man
This card shows a man about to slaughter a cow. This is a card about sacrifice. I’ll have my exam in makeup in April, so I may be doing a lot of practising in April.

May-The World
This is the card of reward. I think it relates a lot to the April card. If I do a lot of self-sacrifice and practise, I’ll get the reward in May.

June-One of Cups
This is an artistic card. The crossing reeds symbolize working together. Perhaps I’ll have a steady job in June. I think June is also the time of the big wedding show in town, maybe I should advertise there.

July-The Wheel
There are lots of demons on this card, but they don’t seem too threatening to me. This is a turning point; something is going to happen within a measurable distance, not like “in the future” but in a set time frame.

August-Queen of Pentacles
This is a generosity card. The woman in the image is giving away flowers. She is also naked. This could symbolize a relationship.

September-Queen of Cups
This is a card of foresight. The woman looks like she’s scrying in a bowl, so this symbolizes that I might be really strong with my tarot readings by this time.

October-King of Pentacles
This is a strong man, with all the virtues anyone could ask for. He’s bathed in sunlight, and he could be “the one”. This is a very prosperous card.

November-The Sun
The card here symbolizes happiness and honesty. The ostrich feather represents truth. By this time, it looks like I’ll be contented with life.

December-Five of Pentacles
I could be too materialistic at this time, which is unsurprising. I may be very jealous at this time.

Welcome To Arcanium

Today is a New Year, a new decade. The perfect time to start something new, something you’ve wanted to do for quite some time.

Today I am starting my tarot journal.

I’ve written them in the past, little handwritten notes that never made any sense. I never got into them, never had the discipline to continue them, especially when they were handwritten.

As a Technopagan with a successful spiritual blog aptly named “USBoS”, I decided to attempt a similar set-up for a Tarot journal. Blogs are “my thing” in general, so what’s better than to record dates, times and readings in a blog format where they are easier to read and organize?

Every person I’ve met or read about who studied Tarot either as a hobby or as a career has said that anyone who is interested in reading Tarot needs a place to record their readings. I finally feel ready to go into reading Tarot, and in order to do that, I needed a journal. Thus, Arcanium was created.

This is a place for my readings to evolve, and hopefully help some other people in their own Tarot adventures.

As of this moment, this is a strictly readings only blog, but for tips on how to read Tarot, taking care of your deck, and basic information about the cards, please click on out “Lea Elisabeth's Tarot Tag” in our blog roll.