Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Anubis Oracle-Sacred Relationship

1. Anubis-Surrender
This card describes where I am in the present. When this card is pulled, it is a sign that the shaman qualities within myself are being opened. In this position, it represents the beginning of a shamanic journey, ready to be transformed.

2. Thoth-Illumination
This position signifies who I’m becoming. Thoth is the God of Wisdom and writing (and was one of the first deities I ever worked with. Nice guy.) The card also signifies enlightened communication, which I think may mean my website.

3. The Desert-The Fire Element
This card represents what I need to let go of in order to grow. This card represents that I’m in the process of being reborn, transforming into something else, something new. The card also tells me to “burn up” the negative people and events from my past.

4. Khonsu-Lunar Energies
The fourth card is the vehicle for transformation. This is what will help usher me into my new way of life. This card represents moving forward, even if you have been hesitant. Take risks, do what you feel works. This card is really sticking out to me. I’ve been dealing with some things in the Mesoamerican Recon community, and how much I disagree with them. I feel undervalued because I don’t do what they do, but I still honour and work with Mesoamerican deities.
It’s pretty much a pissing contest now, to be honest.

5. Sekhmet-Transformation
This position represents divine knowledge. Sekhmet is, of course, the lion-headed fierce Goddess who will mess up your shit! Sekhmet is a protector, albeit a violent one. She helps with overcoming situations where you feel you need protection. As you accept Her protection, you will gain the divine knowledge.

Uh, holy crap, am I the only one seeing the Mesoamerican connection! I’ve had some issues with the reconstructivists, though not directly. My fear is that if I start claiming myself as a Mesoamerican Pagan, they are going to troll me. It’s really stifled a lot of work on my part.