Friday, November 26, 2010

Revelations Tarot-Just In Case 1

I'm doing a big ol' ritual here tomorrow relating to some issues in my past. It's lucky that THIS spread came up, because it's perfect.

1. Actual Situation-Six of Cups
The Six of Cups in this deck represents painful memories from my past, specifically my childhood. These are all bad experiences that need to be resolved.
Heh, how fitting with the childhood abuse...

2. Past-Six of Swords
This card represents a journey and not an easy one. The situation of my birth do correlate with a stressful journey, particularly a spiritual one. This card also represents guilt, which is something to the abuse. The book actually says "There may be a sense of guilt from abandonment or a sense of failure from the damage sustained."For the longest time I DID feel damaged.

3. Future-Ten of Cups
This is the card of happiness in the home environment. My ritual for tomorrow is about creating a safe haven in my bedroom. I like this card, because it's showing my efforts won't be in vain, and will make me happy, at least in this one space, so I can work on dealing with the abuse.